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Top rated

Quintain Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,540/month
  • 40 Olympic Way

Quintain Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,725/month
  • Dakota Building

Apo · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,425/month
  • Galleria House

Vertus · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £2,400/month
  • Newfoundland Place

VervLife · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £760/month
  • Crown House

Greystar · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £2,425/month
  • 32 Harbour Way

Apo · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,250/month
  • 1 Barking Wharf Sq

Essential Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £2,500/month
  • Dressage Court

Greystar · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £944/month
  • 11 Back Hulme Street

Quintain Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,690/month
  • 10 Elvin Gdns
  • Coming soon

Goodstone Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • 193 Camp Hill

Quintain Living · Build-to-Rent Landlord

  • from £1,820/month
  • 2 Engineers Way

Explore co-living

Find the very best co-living developments in London and around the UK.

Top rated

Morro · Co-Living Landlord

  • from £1,300/month
  • Scape House

Ark Co Living · Co-Living Landlord

  • from £1,499/month
  • Wembley ARK

The Collective · Co-Living Landlord

  • from £1,249/month
  • Nash House

Dandi · Co-Living Landlord

  • from £1,425/month
  • Dandi Wembley

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Popular amenities

Find developments that fit your needs.


  • 23 results

Keep fit with an on-site gym, so you don’t even need to leave home to workout.


  • 25 results

Fancy working from home in style? Head to your building’s co-working lounge.

Roof terrace

  • 25 results

Soak up the summer and enjoy the view from stunning roof terraces.

Secure parking

  • 22 results

Find a building with a safe home for your car too with on-site secure parking.

Popular tenancy perks

Find a building that makes your life easier.

Pet friendly

  • 19 results

Find developments that welcome pets with open arms. And a belly rub.

Bills included

  • 21 results

Bundle all your household payments into one simple monthly price.

Zero deposit

  • 15 results

Avoid parting with a chunk of money by opting for a zero deposit option.


  • 24 results

Connect with your community and enjoy vibrant events throughout the year.

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