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Wembley Park London Guide

wembley park london

For a long time, Wembley has been an iconic area of London because of Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium. But it’s the brand new residential areas surrounding the stadiums that’s made Wembley Park an iconic place to live.

The HA9 postcode is seeing extensive redevelopment with thousands of brand new modern homes being built.

And it’s an ideal spot to develop. The Wembley Park Tube Station can easily connect residents to Central London via the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines.

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In fact, it’s an ideal spot to rent. And build-to-rent is playing a huge role in the local area. Brands like Quintain Living are introducing thousands of high quality rental apartments to Wembley Park and helping turn the area into a highly desirable place to live.

Wembley is no longer just a match day destination. With plenty of homes to choose from, convenient links into London’s working districts and tons of shops popping up, Wembley Park is a real contender for one of London’s most exciting rental hotspots.

Wembley Park on a map

Wembley Park can be found in the London Borough of Brent in North West London.

It borders Wembley to the west, and Neasden and Brent Park to the east.

It’s in the HA9 postcode district and forms part of Greater London.

History of Wembley Park, London

The area has a long history that stretches back to the 1500s. At this time, Wembley Park was a woodland with just 6 houses! A long way from the bustling metropolis it is today.

It was in the mid 16th century that Wembley Park came into the ownership of the Page family. After this point, it underwent its very first development.

In 1787, Richard Page commissioned a landscaper called Humphrey Repton to turn the area into a country estate. It was Repton who coined the term ‘Wembley Park’; a name that has stuck ever since.

In 1802 the estate was sold to the Gray family, who spent a whopping £14,000 renovating the manor house. During their tenure, the Metropolitan Railway extended its line to Wembley Park, bringing rail links to the area for the first time. And in 1889, the Grey family sold the whole estate to the Metropolitan Railway Company for £32,500.

Under the leadership of Sir Edward Watkin, the Metropolitan Railway Company developed the park into a large pleasure garden with football grounds, cricket pitches, a golf course, a running track, a lake, pagodas, bandstands, and a theatre. It even had its own rival to the Eiffel Tower, but it only existed for around a decade.

Since this time, Wembley Park has evolved into what we know today. It hosted the British Empire Exhibition in the 20s, the Olympic Games in 40s, the World Cup in the 60s, Live Aid in the 80s, and many more events since.

Who lives in Wembley Park?

Around 31,000 people live in Wembley Park. The area is very diverse, with 32% of residents being from an Indian background. 78.6% of residents identified themselves as being from a black, Asian or minority ethnic group (BAME).

Wembley Park London Guide

Renting in Wembley Park

Wembley has a wide range of homes. There are houses, from terraced through to large detached. And there are modern apartments. Lots of the older houses are from the 1930s, when a property boom took place in Wembley, known as “Metroland”.

But in Wembley Park, you’ll find a lot of high-rise apartment buildings filled with modern flats.

This is all part of the big regeneration plans in Wembley. By 2027, there should be 8,500 new homes in Wembley Park! And many of these will be for rent under the management of Quintain Living.

And there are other build-to-rent operators within the Wembley area. UNCLE have a block on 3 Park Lane, and Vonder have a building right next to Wembley Park Underground Station.

So renters will have plenty of options when it comes to choosing their home. Whether you’re looking for studios or 1-bed apartments, or larger 2, 3, 4 or even 5 bedroom homes, Wembley Park will have a place for you.

The average rent for the different apartment types across the Wembley Park area is:

  • Studio apartment: £1,380 per month
  • 1-bed apartment: £1,520 per month
  • 2-bed apartment: £2,275 per month
  • 3-bed apartment: £2,350 per month

Homes to rent in Wembley Park

Travel from Wembley Park

Wembley Park has immediate access to two main stations:

  1. Wembley Park, which is on the Jubilee and Metropolitan lines
  2. Wembley Stadium, which is on national rail lines

And Wembley Central is also pretty close, which is on the Bakerloo and Overground lines, as well as having national rail links.

So it’s a pretty well connected place to live! You can conveniently get to:

  • Baker Street (11 minutes)
  • Bond Street (17 minutes)
  • Westminster (22 minutes)
  • Bank (32 minutes)
  • Canary Wharf (35 minutes)
  • London Bridge (26 minutes)

All 3 stations are in zone 4, so travel will be a little more expensive than areas like Archway or Kew.

And, as always, there are good selection of local buses for short haul trips.

Wembley Park London Guide

Things to do in Wembley Park

Although it’s a little further out than some other prime rental locations, there is definitely more to see and do within Wembley Park than its competitors.


There’s an abundance of places to eat and drink. So you don’t necessarily have to travel to find a great spot for dinner.


Wembley Park London Guide

Greek restaurant, Arena, is a long-standing favourite near Wembley Park. It’s been around since 1984, and is famed for serving authentic Greek food. Expect traditional Greek hospitality and delicious food. Saganaki, spanakopitta, dolmades, souvlaki, mousakka.. The list goes on.

Address 307 Harrow Rd, Wembley, London, HA9 6BD

Ecco’la Pizzeria

Wembley Park London Guide

If you’re big on Italian food (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?!) then Ecco’la Pizzeria needs to be on your list. The menu features a delicious selection of traditional Italian pizza and pasta. But you can also find some British classics, like fish & chips, and simple lunch food, such as baked potatoes, wraps, baguettes and omelettes.

Address 87-89 Wembley Park Dr, Wembley Park, London, HA9 8HF

Young’s Peking Restaurant

Wembley Park London Guide

Located just a short walk from Wembley Statdium and the station, Young’s Peking Restaurant is one of the most popular spots for simple, unpretentious Chinese food in Wembley. Thanks to its close proximity to the stadium, it’s a popular match day choice for people travelling from all over the world.

Address 329 Harrow Rd, Wembley, London, HA9 6BA


On top of all the places to eat, Wembley Park also has an array of things to do.

The London Designer Outlet

Wembley Park London Guide

You’ll always get a bag full of great finds at the London Designer Outlet. With over 50 shops offering cut-price wares, you’ll have plenty of choice for your bargain-hunting haul. Brands include Superdry, M&S, Phase Eight, Next, Nike, Asics, Addidas, Denby and many more.

Address Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley Park, London, HA9 0FD

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Park London Guide

The centrepiece of Wembley Park has to be Wembley Stadium. This 90,000-seater stadium is the no.1 sporting venue in the UK. It’s the home of the England football team and also plays host to numerous music concerts throughout the year. It can be seen from all over the capital thanks to its iconic 133 metre high arch.

Address Wembley Stadium, Wembley Park, London, HA9 0WS


Wembley Park London Guide

What started in Shoreditch then went to Croydon. And after that, they set up shop in Wembley Park. BOXPARK Wembley ticks all the boxes you’d expect. Great food, ample drinks, vibrant events and a buzzing atmosphere!

Address BOXPARK Wembley, Wembley Park, London, HA9 0JT

Moving to Wembley Park, London

Wembley Park is one of London’s newest neighbourhoods, yet it still has a long and rich history.

With its range of restaurants, bars and cafés, its fair share of shops, and its two iconic venues, you’ll never be short of something to do.

And it’s this, coupled with its great transport links into Central London, that makes Wembley Park a popular choice for renters.

Take a look at the developments we have listed in and around Wembley Park.

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