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Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 5th August 2023
  • 6:07pm
Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh

Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh: A Hidden Gem in Northern Ireland

Nestled in the heart of County Fermanagh, Kesh is a picturesque and vibrant town that captivates residents and visitors alike. With its rich historical and cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and warm community spirit, Kesh offers a truly unique living experience in Northern Ireland.

A Brief Overview of Kesh

Situated on the western shores of Lower Lough Erne, Kesh is a small town with a big heart. Surrounded by lush green countryside and tranquil waters, it provides an idyllic setting for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite its rural charm, Kesh is conveniently located just a short drive from Enniskillen, the county town of Fermanagh, offering easy access to amenities and services.

Historical and Cultural Background

Steeped in history, Kesh boasts a rich heritage dating back centuries. The town’s name derives from the Irish word ‘ceis,’ meaning “narrow place,” a nod to its location between two lakes. Kesh played a significant role in the ancient kingdom of Ulster, and remnants of its past can still be seen today, including the iconic Kesh Church of Ireland, which dates back to the 17th century.

Kesh’s cultural scene is equally captivating, with a vibrant arts community, traditional music sessions in local pubs, and annual festivals celebrating the town’s heritage. Residents have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Irish culture and traditions, making Kesh an appealing choice for those seeking an authentic experience.

Popularity Among Renters

Kesh has become increasingly popular among renters in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The town offers a range of housing options, from traditional cottages to modern apartments, catering to various budgets and preferences. The tranquil surroundings, combined with the warm and welcoming community, make Kesh an attractive place to call home.

Furthermore, the town’s proximity to Enniskillen and its excellent transport links make it an ideal location for those commuting to work or seeking easy access to amenities. Whether you’re a young professional, a family looking for a peaceful place to raise children, or a retiree seeking a serene retirement destination, Kesh has something to offer everyone.

In the upcoming blog posts, we’ll delve deeper into the many reasons why living in Kesh is a fantastic choice. From exploring the natural beauty of the area to discovering the local attractions and amenities, we’ll provide you with an insider’s guide to making the most of life in this hidden gem of County Fermanagh.

Types of properties available

Kesh, County Fermanagh offers a variety of housing options to suit different needs and preferences. The town has a mix of flats, houses, and apartments available for rent. Whether you are looking for a cosy one-bedroom flat or a spacious family home, Kesh has something to offer.

Average rent prices

When it comes to renting in Kesh, the average prices are quite reasonable compared to other areas. On average, a one-bedroom flat can be rented for around £400-£500 per month, while a three-bedroom house can cost around £600-£800 per month. The prices may vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property.

Popular neighbourhoods for renters

Kesh has several popular neighbourhoods that are preferred by renters. One such neighbourhood is Drumard, known for its quiet and peaceful environment. Another popular area is Mullaghmeen, which offers a range of amenities and is close to schools and shops. Lakeside is also a sought-after neighbourhood due to its proximity to Lough Erne and its stunning views. These neighbourhoods provide a mix of properties to cater to different preferences.

If you are considering living in Kesh, County Fermanagh, it is essential to explore the various housing options and neighbourhoods available. In our next blog post, we will delve into transportation and connectivity in Kesh, providing you with valuable information to make an informed decision. Keep reading to find out more!

Public Transport Options

Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh offers a range of public transport options for commuters. The most common modes of public transportation are buses and trains.

Bus services in Kesh are operated by Translink, providing convenient connections to nearby towns and cities. The bus network is extensive, with regular services to Enniskillen, Belfast, and other major towns in the area. The bus stops are well-served, making it easy to access public transport.

Trains are also available for those looking to travel further afield. The nearest train station is in Enniskillen, which connects to Belfast and other major cities in Northern Ireland.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Kesh’s location in County Fermanagh provides excellent accessibility to nearby cities and towns. Enniskillen, the county town, is only a short distance away and offers a wide range of amenities, including shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment options.

For those looking to explore further afield, Belfast is easily accessible from Kesh. The journey takes approximately two hours by bus, making it a convenient option for day trips or weekend getaways.

Average Commute Times

The average commute time for residents of Kesh depends on their destination. Commuting to nearby towns such as Enniskillen usually takes around 15-20 minutes by car. For those commuting to Belfast, the journey can take approximately two hours by public transport.

Despite the longer commute times to major cities, many residents find the peaceful and scenic surroundings of Kesh well worth the journey.

Read on to find out more about the local amenities in Kesh, County Fermanagh!

Shopping Centres and High Streets

If you are looking for a vibrant shopping experience, Kesh has a range of options to cater to your needs. The town boasts a bustling high street filled with a variety of shops, including clothing boutiques, gift shops, and local businesses. Additionally, there are several shopping centres in the surrounding areas, offering a wider selection of big-name brands and supermarkets.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Living in Kesh means you have access to beautiful parks and recreational areas. The town is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including Lough Erne and its surrounding forests. These areas are perfect for leisurely walks, picnics, and outdoor activities. Kesh also has its own local park, which features playgrounds, sports facilities, and well-maintained green spaces for residents to enjoy.

Healthcare Facilities

Ensuring the health and well-being of its residents, Kesh provides excellent healthcare facilities. The town is home to a modern hospital, which offers a range of medical services. In addition, there are several clinics and medical practices conveniently located throughout Kesh, providing easy access to healthcare professionals.

Educational Institutions

Kesh is proud to have a selection of educational institutions that provide quality education to its residents. The town has primary and secondary schools that offer a comprehensive curriculum and a nurturing learning environment. For those looking for higher education, there are also colleges and vocational training centres in the surrounding areas.

Living in Kesh provides a wealth of amenities and facilities that contribute to a high quality of life. From shopping centres and high streets to parks, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, this town has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Read on to discover more about the leisure and entertainment options available in Kesh, County Fermanagh.

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Kesh, County Fermanagh, offers a vibrant dining scene with a range of options to suit every palate. Whether you fancy traditional Irish cuisine, international dishes, or a quick coffee, Kesh has it all. The local pubs are the heart and soul of the community, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a pint of Guinness or a traditional Irish whiskey.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Kesh is steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage. Visit the nearby Castle Archdale Country Park and explore the stunning landscape and historical sites. Take a trip to the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre and witness the craftsmanship that goes into creating the world-renowned Belleek pottery. Don’t miss a visit to Devenish Island, a monastic settlement dating back to the 6th century, where you can explore ancient ruins and enjoy breathtaking views.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

If you’re a sports enthusiast or a fitness fanatic, Kesh has plenty to offer. The local sports centre provides a wide range of facilities, including a swimming pool, gym, and various sports courts. Enjoy a round of golf at the nearby Lough Erne Resort, which boasts a championship golf course and stunning views of Lough Erne. Take advantage of the beautiful countryside and go for a leisurely walk or a cycle along the scenic routes.

Local Events and Festivals

Kesh is known for its lively community spirit, and there are always events and festivals happening throughout the year. From traditional music sessions in the local pubs to the annual Kesh Carnival, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss the Kesh Country Fair, a popular event that showcases local produce, crafts, and entertainment.

If you’re considering living in Kesh, you’ll be delighted by the wide range of leisure and entertainment options available. From pubs and restaurants to cultural attractions and local events, there’s never a dull moment in this vibrant community. Read on to find out more about the welcoming and friendly community in Kesh, County Fermanagh.

Community and Lifestyle in Kesh, County Fermanagh

A. Demographics and Diversity

Kesh, located in County Fermanagh, offers a vibrant community with a range of demographics and a welcoming atmosphere. The town is home to approximately 1,000 residents, creating a close-knit community where neighbours become friends. While the majority of the population consists of local residents, there is also a growing number of individuals from different cultural backgrounds who have settled in Kesh.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

One of the advantages of living in Kesh is the town’s low crime rate. The community takes pride in maintaining a safe environment for its residents. The local police force is actively involved in ensuring the safety of the area, providing peace of mind to residents and contributing to Kesh’s overall reputation as a safe place to live.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Kesh offers a variety of social clubs and networking opportunities, providing residents with a chance to connect with others who share similar interests. Whether you enjoy sports, arts, or community service, there are numerous clubs and organisations that cater to different hobbies and passions. These clubs not only provide a platform for socialising but also offer networking opportunities, allowing residents to expand their professional connections and create lasting relationships.

Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh, provides a unique community experience. The diversity of its residents, combined with the town’s commitment to safety and the abundance of social clubs, ensures that there is always something to do and someone to connect with. To explore the pros and cons of living in Kesh further, read on!

Advantages of Renting in Kesh, County Fermanagh

Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh offers several advantages for renters:

1. Serene Natural Surroundings

Kesh is nestled in the scenic countryside of County Fermanagh, which is known for its stunning lakes and rolling hills. Renters can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle in this picturesque town.

2. Affordability

Renting in Kesh is relatively affordable compared to larger cities in the UK. The cost of living, including rent, utilities, and groceries, is generally lower in this area.

3. Community Spirit

Kesh has a strong sense of community, with friendly and welcoming residents. Renters can easily integrate into the tight-knit community and participate in various local events and activities.

4. Outdoor Recreation

Living in Kesh provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Residents can enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, and cycling in the nearby lakes and countryside. The town also has well-maintained parks and green spaces for leisurely walks.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

Despite its many advantages, there are a few drawbacks to living in Kesh:

1. Limited Job Opportunities

Kesh is a small town with limited job prospects. Renters may need to commute to larger towns or cities for employment opportunities, which can be inconvenient.

2. Limited Amenities

While Kesh has the basic amenities like shops, schools, and healthcare facilities, it may lack the range of options available in larger towns or cities. Residents may need to travel to nearby towns for certain services or goods.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

Compared to other towns in the UK, Kesh offers a unique experience:

1. Tranquility vs. Urban Buzz

Unlike bustling cities, Kesh provides a peaceful and idyllic setting for renters who prefer a slower pace of life and a closer connection to nature.

2. Lower Cost of Living

Compared to major cities, Kesh has a lower cost of living, making it an attractive option for those looking to save money or live on a budget.

3. Strong Community Spirit

While larger towns can feel impersonal, Kesh offers a strong sense of community and a friendly atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging.

4. Limited Job Opportunities

However, it’s important to note that Kesh may have fewer job opportunities compared to larger towns or cities, which could be a disadvantage for those seeking employment.


Living in Kesh, County Fermanagh offers renters a charming and picturesque location with a strong sense of community. With its stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and range of amenities, Kesh is an ideal place to call home.

Recap of Key Points

Throughout this blog, we have highlighted the many benefits of living in Kesh, including its convenient location, affordable rental prices, and access to outdoor activities. We also discussed the strong sense of community and the welcoming atmosphere that residents can expect to find in Kesh.

Personal Recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Kesh as your next home. The town offers a peaceful and idyllic setting, perfect for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city living. The community spirit in Kesh is second to none, and you will quickly feel like a part of the friendly and welcoming local community.

Explore Right Rent’s Property Listings

If you’re considering renting in Kesh, I encourage you to explore Right Rent’s property listings. With a wide range of rental options available, you’re sure to find a home that suits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cosy cottage or a modern apartment, Right Rent has something for everyone. Start your search today and find a home you’ll love in Kesh.

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