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Living in North Uist, Western Isles

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 11th August 2023
  • 7:05am
Living in North Uist, Western Isles

Living in North Uist, Western Isles: A Tranquil Haven in Scotland

Looking for a peaceful retreat in the breathtaking Western Isles of Scotland? Look no further than North Uist, a charming town that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a vibrant local culture. Situated in the Outer Hebrides, North Uist is the ideal destination for those seeking a slower pace of life and a close connection to nature.

A Historical and Cultural Gem

North Uist is steeped in a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. From ancient standing stones to medieval castles, the town is a treasure trove of historical landmarks. The cultural heritage of North Uist is also prominent, with Gaelic being widely spoken and traditional music and dance forming an integral part of local celebrations.

The town’s close-knit community is known for its warm hospitality and strong ties to its roots. Visitors and residents alike can immerse themselves in the vibrant local traditions, from the annual Highland Games to the lively ceilidhs that bring people together for music, dancing, and storytelling.

A Haven for Renters

North Uist’s serene surroundings and unique charm have made it increasingly popular among renters looking for an idyllic place to call home. The town offers a range of rental properties, from traditional cottages to modern apartments, all nestled amidst stunning landscapes and picturesque views.

Whether you are a young professional seeking a peaceful work-from-home environment or a retiree looking for a tranquil retirement spot, North Uist has something to offer everyone. With its strong sense of community and a wide array of amenities, including shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities, the town provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for renters.

So, if you yearn for a simpler way of life and the beauty of unspoiled nature, North Uist is the perfect place to settle down. Join us as we explore the wonders of living in this hidden gem of the Western Isles, where the pace of life slows down, and the beauty of the surroundings takes centre stage.

Types of Properties Available

When it comes to housing options in North Uist, there is a range of properties available to suit different preferences and budgets. The most common types of properties are flats and houses. Flats are ideal for individuals or small families looking for a compact living space, while houses offer more space and are suitable for larger families or those who prefer a standalone property.

Average Rent Prices

The average rent prices in North Uist are relatively affordable compared to other areas in the Western Isles. For a one-bedroom flat, the average rent is around £400 per month, while a two-bedroom flat can range from £500 to £600 per month. Houses with three or more bedrooms can be found starting at £650 per month.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

North Uist has several popular neighbourhoods that are preferred by renters. One such neighbourhood is Lochmaddy, the island’s main settlement and transportation hub. Lochmaddy offers a range of amenities and services, making it a convenient choice for many. Another popular area is Bayhead, known for its stunning coastal views and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, the villages of Carinish and Sollas are also sought-after due to their close proximity to beautiful beaches and local amenities.

If you’re considering living in North Uist, you’ll find a variety of housing options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you prefer a flat or a house, there’s something for everyone. In the next article, we’ll delve into transportation and connectivity in North Uist, Western Isles, so keep reading to find out more!

Transportation and Commuting in North Uist, Western Isles

Public Transport Options

Living in North Uist, you have access to various public transport options that can help you get around the area. While there are no trains in the Western Isles, there is an extensive bus network that connects different towns and villages within North Uist and beyond. These buses provide a convenient and affordable mode of transportation for both residents and visitors.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

While North Uist is a remote island, it is still well-connected to nearby cities and towns. The nearby island of Benbecula is accessible via causeway, and from there, you can easily reach other islands in the Western Isles. Additionally, there are regular ferry services that connect North Uist to the mainland, allowing you to explore the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and access larger cities like Inverness.

Average Commute Times

Commuting times in North Uist vary depending on where you live and where you work. As the island is relatively small, commute times are generally shorter compared to urban areas. On average, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes to travel between different towns and villages within North Uist. However, if you need to commute to nearby islands or the mainland, ferry schedules and travel times can affect your overall commute.

If you are considering living in North Uist, transportation options and commute times are important factors to consider. While the island may be remote, there are reliable public transport options that can help you explore the area and connect you to nearby cities and towns.

To find out more about the local amenities in North Uist, Western Isles, continue reading our next blog section.

A. Shopping Centres and High Streets

North Uist offers a range of shopping options to cater to residents’ needs. The main high street in the area is located in Lochmaddy, where you can find a variety of local shops, including grocery stores, clothing boutiques, and gift shops. This bustling high street provides a convenient and charming shopping experience for those living in North Uist.

B. Parks and Recreational Areas

Living in North Uist means having access to stunning parks and recreational areas. One of the most popular spots is the Balranald Nature Reserve, known for its diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes. Here, residents can enjoy walking trails, birdwatching, and picnicking amidst the breathtaking scenery. The reserve also offers educational programs and guided tours for nature enthusiasts.

C. Healthcare Facilities

North Uist is well-equipped with healthcare facilities to ensure the well-being of its residents. The main hospital in the area is the Uist and Barra Hospital, which provides a wide range of medical services. Additionally, there are several clinics and medical centers located throughout North Uist, offering convenient access to healthcare for all residents.

D. Educational Institutions

When it comes to education, North Uist offers a variety of institutions to cater to different age groups. For primary education, there are several local primary schools, such as Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath and Paible School. For secondary education, students have the option of attending Lionacleit School, which provides a comprehensive curriculum for students aged 11-18. Additionally, there are opportunities for further education through the Lews Castle College UHI, which offers a range of courses and qualifications.

Living in North Uist provides residents with access to a range of amenities and facilities, from convenient shopping options to beautiful parks and reliable healthcare services. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant high street or a peaceful recreational area, North Uist has something to offer. Next, we’ll explore the leisure and entertainment options available in this picturesque part of the Western Isles, so keep reading to find out more!

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Living in North Uist, you’ll find a range of options when it comes to dining out or enjoying a drink with friends. The island boasts a selection of charming pubs, restaurants, and cafes that offer a taste of local flavours and warm hospitality.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional pub experience or a relaxed atmosphere to unwind after a long day, North Uist has several pubs that cater to different preferences. From cosy village pubs with roaring fires to waterfront establishments with stunning views, there’s something for everyone.


If you’re in the mood for a delicious meal, North Uist has a variety of restaurants to choose from. Indulge in fresh seafood, locally sourced produce, and traditional Scottish dishes prepared with care and expertise. Many restaurants also offer vegetarian and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences.


For a quick bite or a leisurely coffee, North Uist has charming cafes dotted across the island. Enjoy a slice of homemade cake, a hearty sandwich, or a cup of locally roasted coffee while taking in the stunning surroundings.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Living in North Uist means immersing yourself in a rich cultural and historical heritage. The island is home to several attractions that offer a glimpse into its past and showcase its unique traditions.

Museum and Heritage Centre

Visit the North Uist Museum and Heritage Centre to explore the island’s history and learn about its Gaelic language and traditions. Discover fascinating exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that bring the past to life.

Archaeological Sites

North Uist is renowned for its archaeological sites, including ancient burial mounds and stone circles. Step back in time as you explore these fascinating remnants of the island’s early inhabitants.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Living in North Uist, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. The island offers a range of sports and fitness facilities to suit different interests and fitness levels.

Water Sports

With its stunning coastline and pristine waters, North Uist is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re into sailing, kayaking, or windsurfing, you’ll find ample opportunities to indulge in your favourite activities.

Walking and Cycling

Explore the island’s rugged landscapes and picturesque trails on foot or by bike. North Uist offers numerous walking and cycling routes, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature while staying fit and healthy.

Local Events and Festivals

Living in North Uist means being part of a vibrant community that celebrates its culture through various events and festivals throughout the year.

Feis Tir a’ Mhurain

Feis Tir a’ Mhurain is a week-long festival that celebrates Gaelic culture through music, dance, and language. Join in the festivities and experience the lively atmosphere that fills the island during this special event.

Uist and Barra Highland Games

Witness the strength and skill of athletes at the Uist and Barra Highland Games. From traditional Scottish sports to piping and Highland dancing competitions, this event showcases the island’s proud Scottish heritage.

Living in North Uist offers a diverse range of leisure and entertainment options. From pubs, restaurants, and cafes to cultural attractions, sports facilities, and lively events, there’s always something to enjoy. Discover more about the community in North Uist, Western Isles by reading on.

Community and Lifestyle in North Uist, Western Isles

A. Demographics and Diversity

Living in North Uist offers a unique and close-knit community experience. With a population of around 1,200 people, this picturesque island in the Western Isles provides a tight community where everyone knows each other. The residents of North Uist are predominantly of Scottish descent, creating a strong sense of cultural heritage. The island’s population is diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to create a vibrant community.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

North Uist boasts a low crime rate, making it a safe place to live and raise a family. The tight-knit community and strong sense of belonging contribute to this peaceful atmosphere. Residents can feel secure in their homes and enjoy the tranquility of the island’s surroundings.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Despite being a small island, North Uist offers a range of social clubs and networking opportunities for residents to connect and engage with others in the community. From sports clubs and fitness classes to book clubs and art workshops, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These clubs provide a great platform for meeting like-minded individuals, fostering new friendships, and expanding your social network.

Living in North Uist provides a community-oriented lifestyle, with a diverse population and a strong sense of safety. The island’s social clubs and networking opportunities offer residents a chance to engage with others and participate in various activities. Read on to discover the pros and cons of living in North Uist, Western Isles.

Advantages of Renting in North Uist, Western Isles

Nestled in the picturesque Western Isles, North Uist offers a unique and tranquil living experience. Here are some advantages of renting in this stunning location:

1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Living in North Uist means immersing yourself in the beauty of the Scottish countryside. Enjoy stunning beaches, rolling hills, and peaceful lochs right at your doorstep. The unspoiled landscapes provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and birdwatching.

2. Peaceful and Close-Knit Community

North Uist is known for its friendly and close-knit community. Renting here allows you to become part of a welcoming and inclusive society. Engage in local events, join community groups, and build lasting relationships with your neighbours.

3. Affordable Rental Market

The rental market in North Uist offers competitive prices compared to larger towns and cities in the UK. Renting a property in this area can be more affordable, allowing you to enjoy a higher quality of life within your budget.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While living in North Uist has its advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks or challenges to consider:

1. Limited Amenities and Services

Due to its remote location, North Uist has limited amenities and services compared to larger towns. Essential facilities such as healthcare, schools, and shopping centres may require travel to neighbouring islands or the mainland.

2. Limited Employment Opportunities

Job opportunities in North Uist are limited, particularly in specific industries. Remote working or self-employment may be necessary for those seeking employment flexibility.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When comparing North Uist to other towns in the UK, it is clear that the unique charm and natural beauty of this location set it apart. While larger towns may offer more amenities and employment opportunities, North Uist provides a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle that is unmatched in many other places. It is important to consider your personal preferences and priorities when deciding on the right location to rent.

Conclusion: Finding Your Home in North Uist, Western Isles

Living in North Uist, Western Isles offers a unique and idyllic experience for renters seeking a tranquil and picturesque environment. In this blog, we have explored the key points that make North Uist a desirable location for renters.

Recap of Key Points

North Uist boasts stunning landscapes, with its pristine beaches, rolling hills, and abundant wildlife. The strong sense of community and rich Gaelic culture make it an inviting place to call home. The island also offers a range of recreational activities, from water sports to birdwatching, ensuring there is something for everyone.

With its affordable rental prices and a variety of property options, North Uist provides renters with a range of choices to suit their preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a traditional croft house or a modern apartment, there is a home in North Uist waiting for you.

Personal Recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering North Uist as your next home. Its natural beauty, tight-knit community, and array of activities offer a high quality of life. Whether you are seeking tranquility or adventure, North Uist has it all.

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Living in North Uist is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts, culture lovers, and those seeking a peaceful island lifestyle. Begin your adventure today and discover all that North Uist has to offer!


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