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Living in Padstow, Cornwall

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 30th July 2023
  • 2:07pm
Living in Padstow, Cornwall

Living in Padstow, Cornwall: A Coastal Haven for Renters

Nestled on the rugged north coast of Cornwall, Padstow is a picturesque town that captures the essence of a quintessential British seaside retreat. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder that Padstow has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

A. Brief Overview of the Town

Padstow, also known as Padstein due to the influence of celebrity chef Rick Stein, is a charming fishing port renowned for its idyllic harbour and spectacular sandy beaches. The town’s narrow streets are lined with traditional fishermen’s cottages, boutique shops, and an array of tempting eateries offering freshly caught seafood.

B. Historical and Cultural Background

Steeped in history, Padstow dates back to the medieval era and was once a bustling trading port. Today, remnants of its past can be seen in the ancient buildings and landmarks that dot the town, including the iconic Prideaux Place, an Elizabethan manor that offers a glimpse into Padstow’s aristocratic heritage.

Padstow is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries and exhibitions showcasing the work of local artists. The town hosts several annual events, such as the Padstow Obby Oss festival, where locals come together to celebrate their traditions and folklore.

C. Popularity Among Renters

Padstow’s irresistible charm and coastal beauty have made it a highly desirable place to live, attracting renters from all walks of life. Whether you’re a young professional seeking a relaxed lifestyle or a family looking for a tight-knit community, Padstow offers a range of rental properties to suit every need.

With its close proximity to breathtaking beaches, scenic coastal walks, and world-class dining experiences, Padstow offers a quality of life that is hard to match. The town also boasts excellent transport links, making it easily accessible for those working or studying in nearby towns and cities.

So, if you’re dreaming of a coastal haven where you can embrace the laid-back Cornish lifestyle, living in Padstow may just be the perfect choice for you.

Types of Properties Available

Padstow, Cornwall offers a range of housing options to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a cosy flat or a spacious house, there is something for everyone in this charming town. You can find a variety of properties including flats, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, and detached houses.

Average Rent Prices

The average rent prices in Padstow vary depending on the type and size of the property. As of 2021, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat is around £700-£900, while a two-bedroom flat can range from £900-£1200 per month. For those looking for houses, the average rent for a two-bedroom house is approximately £1000-£1300 per month, and a three-bedroom house can range from £1200-£1600 per month.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

Padstow offers several popular neighbourhoods that are highly sought after by renters. The Harbour area is a favourite amongst those who want to be close to the waterfront and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. The Old Town is known for its historic charm and picturesque streets. For those seeking a quieter setting, the outskirts of Padstow, such as Trevone and St. Merryn, provide a peaceful and scenic environment.

Now that you have an idea of the housing options, rent prices, and popular neighbourhoods in Padstow, Cornwall, you may be wondering about transportation and connectivity in the area. Read on to find out more!

Public Transport Options in Padstow, Cornwall

Padstow, a charming coastal town in Cornwall, offers various public transport options for residents and visitors alike. The town is well-connected to the surrounding areas through trains, buses, and ferries.


Padstow has its own railway station, providing convenient access to nearby towns and cities. The train services are reliable and efficient, making it easy to explore Cornwall and beyond. Whether you’re planning a day trip to Newquay or a shopping spree in Plymouth, the train is a convenient option.


For local commuting and exploring the picturesque countryside, buses are a popular choice. The local bus services connect Padstow to nearby towns and villages, allowing residents to easily access amenities and attractions in the area.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Living in Padstow offers the advantage of being well-connected to nearby cities and towns. The town’s central location makes it easy to explore Cornwall and beyond.


Located just 15 miles away, Newquay is easily accessible from Padstow. Whether you fancy a day at the beach or want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, a short bus or train ride will take you there.


Truro, the capital city of Cornwall, is only 20 miles away from Padstow. With its shopping centres, restaurants, and cultural attractions, Truro offers a great day out for Padstow residents.

Average Commute Times

The average commute time in Padstow is relatively short, thanks to the town’s compact size and excellent transport links. Most residents can reach their workplaces within 20 minutes, reducing stress and providing more time to enjoy the beautiful coastal surroundings.

Living in Padstow offers the perfect balance between a peaceful coastal lifestyle and easy access to nearby cities and towns. With its reliable public transport options and short commute times, Padstow is an ideal place to call home.

To find out more about the local amenities and attractions in Padstow, Cornwall, continue reading our next blog post.

Shopping Centres and High Streets

Padstow boasts a charming high street filled with independent shops and boutiques, offering a unique shopping experience. From local artisans selling handmade crafts to trendy clothing stores, there is something for everyone. The high street also features a variety of specialty food shops, where you can find delicious local produce and freshly caught seafood. For those looking for a larger shopping centre experience, the nearby town of Wadebridge is just a short drive away and offers a range of well-known retailers.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Living in Padstow means you have access to stunning natural beauty right on your doorstep. The town is surrounded by picturesque countryside and is a stone’s throw away from some of Cornwall’s most beautiful beaches. The famous South West Coast Path is easily accessible, providing endless opportunities for hiking and exploring the stunning coastline. Additionally, Padstow has several parks and green spaces, perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor activities.

Healthcare Facilities

Padstow is well-equipped with healthcare facilities to cater to the needs of its residents. The town has a medical centre offering a range of general medical services, as well as a dental practice and a pharmacy. For more specialized care, the nearby town of Bodmin is home to a district general hospital.

Educational Institutions

Families living in Padstow have access to excellent educational institutions. The town has a primary school that provides a nurturing learning environment for children. For secondary education, the nearby town of Wadebridge offers a comprehensive secondary school with a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities.

Read on to discover the exciting leisure and entertainment options available in Padstow, Cornwall!

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Living in Padstow, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out or enjoying a relaxing drink. This charming coastal town is renowned for its culinary scene, offering a wide range of pubs, restaurants, and cafes to satisfy all tastes and budgets.


Padstow is home to several traditional pubs where you can unwind and enjoy a pint of locally brewed ale. Whether you prefer a cosy atmosphere or a lively pub with live music, there is something for everyone in this vibrant town.


Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the array of restaurants in Padstow. From Michelin-starred establishments to family-friendly eateries, you can savour a variety of cuisines, including fresh seafood, classic British dishes, and international flavours.


If you fancy a relaxing cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat, Padstow’s charming cafes are perfect for a leisurely break. Enjoy a delicious pastry while soaking up the town’s picturesque views or grab a sandwich to take with you on a coastal walk.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Living in Padstow means immersing yourself in a rich cultural and historical heritage. Explore the town’s fascinating attractions and learn more about its past.

Padstow Museum

Discover the history of Padstow at the local museum, which showcases artefacts and exhibits that highlight the town’s maritime and fishing traditions.

Prideaux Place

Visit Prideaux Place, a stunning Elizabethan manor house offering guided tours and a glimpse into the lives of the Prideaux family. Admire the beautiful gardens and enjoy breathtaking views of the Camel Estuary.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Padstow offers a range of sports and fitness facilities, ensuring there is something for everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Padstow Leisure Centre

The local leisure centre provides a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and various fitness classes, catering to all fitness levels and interests.


Living in Padstow, you have the opportunity to engage in thrilling watersports such as sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Take advantage of the town’s stunning coastline and enjoy an adrenaline-filled adventure on the water.

Local Events and Festivals

Padstow is known for its vibrant events and festivals, offering a lively atmosphere and a chance to celebrate the local culture.

Padstow May Day

Join the festivities of Padstow May Day, a traditional celebration featuring colourful processions, live music, and the famous ‘Obby ‘Oss dance.

Christmas Festival

Experience the magic of Padstow’s Christmas Festival, where the town comes alive with food stalls, live entertainment, and a lantern parade.

Padstow, Cornwall, truly has it all when it comes to leisure and entertainment. But that’s not all! Read on to discover the tight-knit community that makes living in Padstow a truly special experience.

A. Demographics and diversity

Padstow, a picturesque town located in the county of Cornwall, offers a unique and charming community for residents. The town has a population of approximately 3,000 people, creating a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. The demographic makeup of Padstow primarily consists of families and retirees, making it an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

In terms of diversity, Padstow may not be as cosmopolitan as larger cities, but it still embraces a sense of inclusivity. The town has seen an increase in diversity over recent years, with people from various backgrounds and cultures choosing to make Padstow their home.

B. Safety and crime rates

Padstow boasts a reputation for being a safe and secure place to live. The crime rates in the town are relatively low compared to national averages, contributing to the overall sense of security among residents. The local police force is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for everyone, ensuring peace of mind for residents and their families.

C. Social clubs and networking opportunities

Living in Padstow provides ample opportunities for residents to engage in social clubs and networking activities. The town hosts a range of clubs and societies catering to various interests, including sports, arts, and community initiatives.

Padstow offers a vibrant social scene, with regular events and gatherings that bring the community together. Whether it’s joining a sports team, participating in art workshops, or attending local festivals, residents have numerous avenues to connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting relationships.

Networking opportunities in Padstow extend beyond leisure activities. The town is home to a thriving business community, providing chances for professionals to connect and collaborate. From networking events to business organizations, Padstow offers a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and professionals to grow their networks and expand their horizons.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of living in Padstow, Cornwall!

Advantages of Renting in Padstow, Cornwall

Living in Padstow, Cornwall offers numerous advantages for those looking to rent a property in this charming coastal town.

1. Stunning Location

Padstow is nestled on the north coast of Cornwall, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. With its picturesque harbour, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs, residents can enjoy a truly idyllic coastal lifestyle.

2. Culinary Haven

Padstow is renowned for its vibrant food scene, attracting renowned chefs and food enthusiasts from around the world. Renting in Padstow means having access to an array of exceptional restaurants, cafes, and food festivals, making it a paradise for food lovers.

3. Outdoor Activities

The town is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for surfing, sailing, hiking, and cycling. The surrounding countryside and coastal paths provide endless options for exploration and adventure.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While there are many advantages to living in Padstow, there are some potential drawbacks to consider before renting a property in this town.

1. High Cost of Living

Padstow’s desirability as a tourist destination can lead to a higher cost of living compared to other areas in Cornwall. Rental prices and property costs can be higher, making it less affordable for some individuals.

2. Seasonal Tourism

Padstow experiences a surge in tourism during the summer months, which can result in crowded streets and limited parking. Residents may need to adapt to the seasonal fluctuations and plan activities accordingly.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When comparing Padstow to other towns in the UK, it stands out for its unique coastal beauty and culinary reputation.

1. Natural Beauty

Padstow’s stunning coastal location sets it apart from many other towns in the UK. The combination of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and picturesque harbour creates an unmatched natural beauty.

2. Culinary Scene

Padstow’s culinary scene is renowned, with several award-winning restaurants and a strong focus on locally sourced produce. This sets it apart from many other towns in terms of its gastronomic offerings.

Overall, living in Padstow, Cornwall provides a unique blend of natural beauty, a vibrant food scene, and a range of outdoor activities. While it may come with a higher cost of living and seasonal tourism, the advantages of living in this stunning coastal town outweigh the challenges for many individuals.


In conclusion, Padstow, Cornwall is a charming and picturesque town that offers a unique and desirable living experience. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant local community, it is no wonder that Padstow is becoming an increasingly popular destination for renters.

Recap of Key Points

Throughout this blog, we have discussed the many reasons why living in Padstow is a great choice for renters. We highlighted the town’s stunning coastal location, its reputation as a food lover’s paradise, and the range of outdoor activities available. We also touched on the strong sense of community and the variety of amenities and services that Padstow has to offer.

Personal Recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Padstow, Cornwall as your next home. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a peaceful and picturesque place to live, Padstow has something to offer everyone. The town’s charm, beauty, and vibrant community make it an ideal location for renters looking for a high quality of life.

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