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Living in Polperro, Cornwall

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 27th September 2023
  • 8:08am
Living in Polperro, Cornwall

Living in Polperro, Cornwall: A Charming Coastal Town

Nestled along the stunning coast of Cornwall, Polperro is a picturesque fishing village that offers a truly idyllic place to call home. With its narrow winding streets, whitewashed cottages, and breathtaking views of the sea, Polperro exudes a unique charm that captivates both residents and visitors alike.

A Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage

Polperro boasts a fascinating history that dates back centuries. Originally a bustling fishing and smuggling port, the town’s cobbled streets and quaint harbour are a testament to its maritime past. Today, remnants of the past can still be found in the local museums and galleries, providing an opportunity to delve into Polperro’s rich heritage.

Furthermore, Polperro is steeped in cultural traditions that are celebrated throughout the year. From the lively Polperro Festival, which showcases local music and arts, to the annual lantern procession during the festive season, there is always something to participate in and enjoy.

A Desirable Haven for Renters

Polperro’s undeniable charm and natural beauty make it an increasingly popular choice among renters. The town offers a range of rental properties, from cosy cottages to stylish apartments, with many boasting stunning sea views. Living in Polperro allows residents to immerse themselves in a close-knit community, where friendly neighbours and a strong sense of community prevail.

Additionally, Polperro’s location provides easy access to the surrounding Cornish countryside, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to explore the region’s breathtaking coastal paths and serene beaches. With a range of amenities, including charming local shops, inviting pubs, and excellent restaurants, Polperro offers a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle for those seeking a coastal retreat.

Whether you are looking to relocate or simply considering a change of scenery, living in Polperro promises an enchanting coastal experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty. Join us as we delve deeper into what makes Polperro such a desirable place to call home.

Types of Properties Available

Polperro, Cornwall offers a variety of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. The most common types of properties available for rent in Polperro include flats, houses, cottages, and apartments. Whether you are looking for a cosy cottage by the sea or a modern apartment with stunning views, you can find the perfect rental property in Polperro.

Average Rent Prices

When it comes to rental prices in Polperro, they can vary depending on the size, location, and condition of the property. On average, the rent for a one-bedroom flat in Polperro ranges from £500 to £700 per month. For a two-bedroom house or cottage, you can expect to pay between £700 and £1,200 per month. Rent prices may be higher for properties with sea views or those located in popular neighbourhoods.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

Polperro is a charming coastal village with several desirable neighbourhoods for renters. One popular area is the Harbour district, which offers a picturesque setting and easy access to the village amenities. The Talland Bay neighbourhood is another sought-after location, known for its beautiful beaches and peaceful surroundings. Additionally, the Lansallos area is popular for its rural charm and proximity to stunning coastal walks.

If you are considering living in Polperro, you have a range of housing options available to suit your needs and preferences. From flats to houses and cottages, there is something for everyone. To find out more about transportation and connectivity in Polperro, Cornwall, continue reading our next blog post.

Transportation and Commuting in Polperro, Cornwall

Public Transport Options

Living in Polperro offers several public transport options to help you navigate the area and explore nearby cities and towns. The primary mode of public transport is the bus service, which connects Polperro to other popular destinations in Cornwall. The buses run regularly and provide a convenient and affordable way to travel.

In addition to buses, there are also train services available from nearby Looe and Liskeard stations. These trains offer connections to major cities across the UK, allowing for easy access to places like Plymouth, Exeter, and London.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Despite being a small village, Polperro benefits from its proximity to larger cities and towns in Cornwall. The nearby town of Looe is just a short distance away and offers a wider range of amenities and services. Additionally, the city of Plymouth is easily accessible by train or bus, providing even more options for shopping, entertainment, and employment opportunities.

Average Commute Times

Living in Polperro offers a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle compared to larger cities. As a result, average commute times are relatively shorter. For those commuting to nearby towns or cities, the average travel time typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the destination and mode of transport chosen.

Overall, transportation options in Polperro are well-suited for those looking for a peaceful coastal lifestyle while still being able to easily access nearby cities and towns for work or leisure. Read on to discover more about the local amenities that make living in Polperro even more desirable.

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Local Amenities and Facilities in Polperro, Cornwall

Shopping Centres and High Streets

Living in Polperro offers residents a charming and vibrant high street filled with a variety of local shops and boutiques. From unique gift shops to art galleries, there is something for everyone. Additionally, there are several grocery stores and convenience shops scattered throughout the village, ensuring that residents have easy access to everyday necessities.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Polperro boasts stunning natural beauty and a range of outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. The village is surrounded by picturesque countryside and is just a short distance from the breathtaking South West Coast Path. Whether you enjoy leisurely walks, cycling, or picnicking with family and friends, Polperro offers an abundance of green spaces and magnificent views.

Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to healthcare, residents in Polperro have access to excellent facilities. There is a local medical centre that provides comprehensive primary care services, as well as a pharmacy for convenient prescription services. In addition, Polperro is within easy reach of larger hospitals and specialist clinics in nearby towns, ensuring residents have access to a wide range of healthcare options.

Educational Institutions

For families considering a move to Polperro, there are several educational institutions in the area. The village is home to a highly regarded primary school, providing a nurturing environment for young learners. There are also secondary schools in nearby towns, ensuring that older children have access to quality education as well.

Living in Polperro offers a wide range of amenities and facilities that cater to the needs of residents. From shopping and recreational activities to healthcare and education, this charming village provides a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Continue reading to discover the leisure and entertainment options available in Polperro, Cornwall!

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Living in Polperro, Cornwall offers a delightful array of dining options to satisfy every palate. The village is home to charming pubs serving traditional British fare and locally brewed ales, where you can relax and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. For those seeking a romantic dinner or a special occasion, there are quaint restaurants offering delicious seafood caught fresh from the Cornish coast.

If you fancy a quick bite or a cup of coffee, Polperro also boasts several charming cafes. Here, you can indulge in homemade cakes and pastries while enjoying stunning views of the harbour. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal, a refreshing drink, or a cup of tea, Polperro has something to suit your taste.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Polperro is steeped in history and offers a range of cultural and historical attractions for residents to explore. The Polperro Heritage Museum showcases the village’s rich maritime history, while the Polperro Model Village provides a fascinating glimpse into life in the 18th century.

For art enthusiasts, the Polperro Arts Foundation hosts regular exhibitions and workshops, showcasing the work of local artists. Additionally, the village is home to a variety of art galleries, showcasing an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary artwork.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Living in Polperro means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay active and fit. The village offers a range of sports and fitness facilities, including a local gym and fitness centre. There are also numerous scenic walking and hiking trails in and around Polperro, allowing you to explore the beautiful Cornish countryside while staying active.

Local Events and Festivals

Polperro is known for its vibrant community spirit, with numerous local events and festivals taking place throughout the year. The Polperro Fishermen’s Choir Festival is a highlight, featuring performances by local choirs in the picturesque harbour. The Polperro Music and Arts Festival is another must-visit event, showcasing a variety of live music, performances, and art exhibitions.

Whether you’re a food lover, history enthusiast, fitness enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a lively community, living in Polperro, Cornwall offers a range of leisure and entertainment options to suit your interests.

Stay tuned to find out more about the close-knit community in Polperro, Cornwall.

Community and Lifestyle in Polperro, Cornwall

Demographics and Diversity

Living in Polperro, Cornwall offers a unique and charming community. With a population of around 1,500 residents, Polperro maintains a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. The village is predominantly populated by families and retirees, creating a diverse mix of generations. The community prides itself on its strong sense of belonging and welcoming nature, making it an ideal place to settle down.

Safety and Crime Rates

Polperro is known for its low crime rates, making it a safe and secure place to live. The village benefits from a tight-knit community where residents look out for one another. This close bond ensures a sense of security and peace of mind for residents. Whether you’re walking the streets or leaving your home unattended, you can rest easy knowing that Polperro is a safe place to call home.

Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Living in Polperro provides ample social clubs and networking opportunities for residents to connect with like-minded individuals. From book clubs and gardening societies to art classes and sports teams, there is a wide range of activities to suit various interests. These clubs not only facilitate social interaction but also foster a sense of belonging within the community. Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time resident, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to meet new people and form lasting friendships.

Living in Polperro offers a close-knit community, low crime rates, and numerous social clubs and networking opportunities. To get a full picture of the pros and cons of living in Polperro, Cornwall, keep reading!

Advantages of Renting in Polperro, Cornwall

Living in Polperro, Cornwall offers a unique and picturesque coastal lifestyle that many people dream of. Here are some advantages of renting in this charming town:

1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Polperro is nestled in the stunning Cornish countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and breathtaking coastal views. This picturesque setting provides residents with endless opportunities for outdoor activities and a tranquil environment to relax and unwind.

2. Rich History and Culture

Polperro is steeped in history and retains its traditional fishing village charm. The narrow, winding streets are lined with quaint cottages and historic buildings, creating a unique atmosphere that is perfect for those who appreciate history and culture.

3. Vibrant Community

The small size of Polperro creates a close-knit community where residents can easily get to know their neighbors and participate in local events and activities. The town hosts various festivals and markets throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community spirit.

4. Coastal Lifestyle

Living in Polperro means being just a stone’s throw away from stunning beaches and scenic coastal walks. Residents can enjoy swimming, sailing, and exploring the rugged coastline, making it an ideal location for those who love the sea and outdoor adventures.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While Polperro offers an idyllic lifestyle, there are some potential drawbacks and challenges to consider:

1. Limited Amenities

Due to its small size, Polperro has limited amenities compared to larger towns or cities. Residents may need to travel to nearby towns for certain services, including supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

2. Seasonal Tourism

Polperro is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the summer months. This influx of visitors can lead to crowded streets, limited parking, and higher rental prices during peak seasons.

3. Limited Job Opportunities

As a small coastal town, Polperro may have limited job opportunities compared to larger urban areas. Residents may need to commute or work remotely to find employment in their desired fields.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When comparing Polperro to other towns in the UK, it is important to consider the unique advantages and drawbacks of each location. Polperro stands out for its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and close-knit community. However, its limited amenities and job opportunities may be a challenge for some individuals. Other coastal towns in the UK, such as St. Ives or Whitby, offer similar coastal lifestyles with a wider range of amenities and job prospects. Ultimately, the best town for renting will depend on individual preferences and priorities.


In conclusion, Polperro in Cornwall is a charming and idyllic village that offers a unique and peaceful living experience. With its stunning coastal views, picturesque streets, and friendly community, it is no wonder that so many people are drawn to this hidden gem.

Recap of key points

Throughout this blog, we have discussed the many reasons why living in Polperro is a wonderful choice for renters. We highlighted the village’s natural beauty, rich history, and the wide range of activities and amenities it offers. We also discussed the benefits of living in a close-knit community, where you can forge meaningful connections and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Personal recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Polperro as your next home. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to raise a family, Polperro has something for everyone. The village’s natural beauty and friendly atmosphere make it a truly special place to live.

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