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Living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 24th July 2023
  • 2:06am
Living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

Living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire: A Hidden Gem on Scotland’s West Coast

If you’re seeking a tranquil and picturesque place to call home, look no further than Skelmorlie. Nestled on the stunning West Coast of Scotland, this idyllic town offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a welcoming community. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, or simply yearning for a peaceful escape, Skelmorlie has something to offer everyone.

A. Brief Overview of the Town

Situated in North Ayrshire, Skelmorlie is a charming coastal village that overlooks the Firth of Clyde. With its breathtaking views of the Isle of Arran and the Cowal Peninsula, it’s easy to see why Skelmorlie has become a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. Despite its tranquil setting, the town is conveniently located just a short distance from larger towns like Largs and Greenock, offering a perfect balance between serenity and accessibility.

B. Historical and Cultural Background

Skelmorlie is steeped in history, dating back to ancient times. The town’s name is derived from the Gaelic “Sgìl-mór-liath,” meaning “big grey slope,” which perfectly describes its rugged coastal landscape. The area has been inhabited for centuries and is dotted with historical landmarks, including the impressive Skelmorlie Aisle, a medieval church that stands as a testament to the town’s rich heritage.

Today, Skelmorlie maintains a strong sense of community and is home to a vibrant arts and culture scene. The town hosts various events throughout the year, such as the Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay Community Arts Festival, showcasing local talent and creativity.

C. Popularity Among Renters

Skelmorlie’s tranquil setting and strong community spirit have made it an increasingly popular choice among renters. The town offers a range of rental properties, from charming cottages to modern apartments, providing options for individuals and families alike. With its close proximity to major towns and excellent transport links, Skelmorlie provides a peaceful retreat while still offering convenient access to amenities and employment opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful coastal retreat or a close-knit community to call home, Skelmorlie has it all. Join us as we delve deeper into what makes living in Skelmorlie such a unique and fulfilling experience.

Types of Properties Available

Skelmorlie, Ayrshire offers a range of housing options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a flat or a house, you’ll find something that fits your requirements.

Flats: Skelmorlie has a variety of flats available for rent. These properties are ideal for individuals or small families looking for a low-maintenance and affordable option. Flats in Skelmorlie often come with modern amenities and some offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Houses: If you prefer more space and privacy, there are also houses available for rent in Skelmorlie. These properties are suitable for larger families or those who value having a garden and additional rooms. Skelmorlie offers a mix of detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses to cater to different budgets.

Average Rent Prices

The average rent prices in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire are relatively affordable compared to neighbouring areas. For a one-bedroom flat or small house, you can expect to pay around £400-£600 per month. Larger houses with three or more bedrooms can range from £700-£1,200 per month depending on the size, location, and condition of the property.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

Skelmorlie has several popular neighbourhoods that are sought after by renters:

Skelmorlie Village:

The heart of Skelmorlie offers a range of amenities, including shops, cafes, and parks. The village is known for its peaceful atmosphere and stunning sea views, making it an attractive location for renters.

Wemyss Bay:

Located nearby, Wemyss Bay is another popular neighbourhood for renters. It offers easy access to transportation, including a train station with regular services to Glasgow and other major cities.


Kellyburn is a residential area that provides a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle. It is a great choice for those seeking a quieter lifestyle.

If you’re interested in living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, make sure to read on to find out more about transportation and connectivity in the area.

Transportation and Commuting in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

Public Transport Options

Skelmorlie, located in Ayrshire, offers a range of public transport options for residents. The village is served by a reliable bus network operated by local providers, offering connections to nearby towns and cities. The buses provide a convenient and affordable way to travel within the area and explore the surrounding areas.

In addition to buses, Skelmorlie benefits from excellent rail connections. The village has its own railway station, providing regular services to nearby towns and cities such as Largs, Greenock, and Glasgow. The train services are reliable, comfortable, and offer a quicker commute option for those who prefer to travel by rail.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Skelmorlie’s strategic location makes it easily accessible to nearby cities and towns. Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is approximately 30 minutes away by train, making it a convenient option for work or leisure activities. Additionally, the town of Largs is just a short bus ride away, offering a range of amenities and attractions.

Average Commute Times

Commuting from Skelmorlie to nearby towns and cities is relatively quick and efficient. The average commute time to Glasgow by train is around 30 minutes, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of city living while residing in a peaceful village setting. Bus journeys to nearby towns, such as Largs, are also relatively short, ensuring a hassle-free commute for those who prefer public transport.

Living in Skelmorlie offers excellent transportation options, making it easy to explore the surrounding areas and commute to nearby cities and towns. The efficient bus network and well-connected railway station provide convenient travel opportunities for residents.

To find out more about the local amenities and attractions in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, continue reading our blog.

Local Amenities and Facilities in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

A. Shopping Centres and High Streets

Living in Skelmorlie, you’ll have easy access to a range of shopping centres and high streets to meet your daily needs. The nearby town of Largs, just a short drive away, offers a bustling high street with a variety of shops, including supermarkets, fashion boutiques, and local stores. Here, you can find everything from groceries to clothing, making it convenient for your shopping requirements.

B. Parks and Recreational Areas

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Skelmorlie boasts several parks and recreational areas. The scenic Skelmorlie Park offers picturesque views of the Clyde Estuary and is an ideal spot for leisurely walks or picnics with family and friends. Additionally, the nearby Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and birdwatching.

C. Healthcare Facilities

Your health and well-being are well taken care of in Skelmorlie, as the town boasts excellent healthcare facilities. The nearby Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock offers a wide range of medical services, including emergency care, specialist clinics, and surgical procedures. Additionally, you can find various clinics and medical practices in Largs, providing accessible healthcare options.

D. Educational Institutions

For families with children, Skelmorlie offers a range of educational institutions to cater to their needs. The local primary school, Skelmorlie Primary, provides a nurturing and supportive environment for young learners. For secondary education, nearby schools in Largs, such as Largs Academy, offer comprehensive curricula and extracurricular activities to ensure a well-rounded education for students.

Continue reading to discover more about the exciting leisure and entertainment options available in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire!

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Skelmorlie, Ayrshire offers a range of options for dining and socializing. Whether you fancy a cosy pub, a delightful restaurant, or a charming cafe, you’ll find it all here. Enjoy a traditional pub experience at The Waterside Inn, where you can relax by the fireplace with a pint and indulge in hearty Scottish cuisine. For a taste of international flavours, head to The Taj Indian Restaurant, known for its delicious curries and friendly service. If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, The Coffee Bean Cafe is the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee and a freshly baked treat.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Skelmorlie. Visit Skelmorlie Castle, a stunning 19th-century mansion that offers guided tours and breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The Skelmorlie Aisle, located in the local church, is a fascinating historical site where you can explore ancient tombstones and learn about the area’s past. Don’t miss the Skelmorlie Milestone, a historical landmark that dates back to the 18th century and marks the distance between Skelmorlie and Greenock.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Living in Skelmorlie means you have access to a range of sports and fitness facilities to keep you active and healthy. The Skelmorlie Tennis Club offers excellent facilities for tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. If golf is your game, the Skelmorlie Golf Club is a picturesque course with stunning views of the Firth of Clyde. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, the nearby Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park offers a variety of walking and cycling trails.

Local Events and Festivals

Skelmorlie hosts a number of exciting events and festivals throughout the year. The Skelmorlie Gala Day is a highlight of the summer, featuring a colourful parade, live music, and funfair rides. The Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay Horticultural Society organizes an annual flower show, showcasing the talents of local gardeners and offering a range of activities for all ages. Keep an eye out for the Skelmorlie Harbour Day, a celebration of the village’s maritime heritage with boat races, seafood stalls, and live entertainment.

If you’re curious to know more about the vibrant community in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, keep reading to discover the local amenities, schools, and more!

Community and Lifestyle in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

A. Demographics and Diversity

Skelmorlie, located in Ayrshire, offers a vibrant community that is both welcoming and diverse. With a population of around 2,000 residents, the town provides a close-knit atmosphere where neighbours become friends. Skelmorlie is known for its strong sense of community, where people from different backgrounds come together to create a harmonious living environment.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

When it comes to safety, Skelmorlie boasts low crime rates, making it an ideal place to settle down and raise a family. The town has a proactive community policing approach, ensuring that residents feel secure and protected. With well-lit streets and a vigilant neighbourhood watch, Skelmorlie provides peace of mind to its residents.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Skelmorlie offers a range of social clubs and networking opportunities for residents to engage in. Whether you enjoy sports, arts, or hobbies, there is something for everyone. Joining these clubs not only allows you to pursue your interests but also provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and forge lasting friendships within the community. From gardening clubs to book clubs, there are numerous avenues to connect with others and make Skelmorlie feel like home.

Living in Skelmorlie offers a unique sense of community and a diverse lifestyle. With a close-knit population, low crime rates, and a range of social clubs, this town provides an ideal environment for individuals and families alike. To explore the pros and cons of living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, continue reading.

Advantages of Renting in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire

Skelmorlie, Ayrshire offers several advantages for those considering renting in this picturesque coastal town.

1. Stunning Location and Views

Situated along the Firth of Clyde, Skelmorlie offers breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding countryside. The town is also close to scenic spots like Largs and the Isle of Arran, making it an ideal location for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Peaceful and Tranquil Atmosphere

Skelmorlie is known for its peaceful and quiet environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, residents can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and escape the stress of urban living.

3. Good Transport Links

Skelmorlie benefits from excellent transport links, with regular train services connecting it to Glasgow and other major towns in Ayrshire. This makes commuting to work or exploring other parts of Scotland convenient and accessible.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

1. Limited Amenities

While Skelmorlie offers a peaceful setting, it does have limited amenities compared to larger towns. Residents may need to travel to nearby towns like Largs or Greenock for shopping, entertainment, and other facilities.

2. Lack of Employment Opportunities

Due to its small size, Skelmorlie may not provide a wide range of employment opportunities. Residents may need to commute or consider remote working options to access more job prospects.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When compared to other towns in the UK, Skelmorlie’s unique coastal location and tranquillity set it apart. While larger towns offer more amenities and employment opportunities, Skelmorlie’s charm lies in its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Compared to other coastal towns, Skelmorlie retains its authentic charm without being overly touristy. Its proximity to Glasgow and other major towns in Ayrshire makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a balance between a peaceful coastal lifestyle and accessible city amenities.


Living in Skelmorlie, Ayrshire offers a serene and picturesque environment, with stunning views of the Firth of Clyde. In this blog, we have explored the key aspects that make Skelmorlie an ideal place to rent a home.

Recap of key points

Firstly, Skelmorlie’s beautiful location gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of Scottish countryside living, while still being within easy reach of major towns and cities. Secondly, the area boasts a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing, and sailing, making it perfect for those who love an active lifestyle. Additionally, Skelmorlie offers excellent amenities such as schools, shops, and leisure facilities, ensuring that all your daily needs are met. Lastly, the community spirit in Skelmorlie is strong, with various events and activities that promote a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Personal recommendation

For renters considering Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, I highly recommend it as a wonderful place to call home. The stunning natural beauty, the range of activities, and the strong community spirit make it a desirable location for individuals and families alike. Living in Skelmorlie will provide you with a peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

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