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Living in Street, Somerset

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 28th October 2023
  • 3:07am
Living in Street, Somerset

Living in Street, Somerset: An Idyllic Town with Rich History and a Thriving Rental Market

If you’re seeking a quintessentially British town with a rich history, vibrant culture, and a thriving rental market, look no further than Street, Somerset. Situated in the heart of the Somerset countryside, this charming town offers a delightful mix of traditional charm and modern amenities. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a young professional seeking a vibrant community, Street has something to offer everyone.

A Brief Overview of the Town

With a population of approximately 12,000 residents, Street is a small yet bustling town located in the Mendip district of Somerset, England. Nestled at the foot of the picturesque Polden Hills, the town enjoys a prime location that offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Historical and Cultural Background

Street has a fascinating history dating back to Roman times. The town’s name originated from the Old English word “strate,” meaning a Roman road. In the 19th century, Street became renowned for its thriving footwear industry, with the iconic Clarks shoe company establishing its headquarters here. Today, the town proudly preserves its heritage through various museums and historical sites, including the Shoe Museum and the Alfred Gillett Trust.

Popularity among Renters

Street has gained popularity among renters in recent years, thanks to its attractive blend of affordability, community spirit, and access to amenities. The town offers a range of rental properties, from cosy cottages to modern apartments, catering to diverse budgets and preferences. With excellent transport links to nearby cities such as Bristol and Bath, Street provides an ideal base for commuters while retaining its peaceful countryside charm.

Living in Street offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a town brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the various aspects that make Street an exceptional place to call home. From exploring its historical landmarks to discovering the vibrant community events, there is no shortage of reasons why living in Street, Somerset, is a delightful experience.

Types of properties available in Street, Somerset

When it comes to housing options in Street, Somerset, renters have a variety of choices. The town offers a range of properties, including flats, houses, and cottages.

Average rent prices in Street, Somerset

The average rent prices in Street, Somerset are affordable compared to other areas in Somerset. For a one-bedroom flat, you can expect to pay around £600 to £700 per month, while a two-bedroom house may cost between £800 and £900 per month. Prices may vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property.

Popular neighbourhoods for renters in Street, Somerset

Street has several popular neighbourhoods that are sought after by renters. One of the most desirable areas is the High Street, known for its vibrant atmosphere, local shops, and cafes. The area around Millfield School is also popular, offering a peaceful and family-friendly environment. Other desirable neighbourhoods include Ivythorn and West End, which provide a mix of residential and rural settings.

If you’re considering living in Street, Somerset, you’ll have a wide range of housing options to choose from, whether you prefer a flat or a house. The average rent prices are reasonable, making it an affordable place to live. Popular neighbourhoods offer different atmospheres to suit various lifestyles. Now that you’ve learned about the housing options, continue reading to find out more about transportation and connectivity in Street, Somerset.

Public Transport Options

Living in Street, Somerset offers a range of public transport options to help you get around conveniently. The town is well-served by buses, which provide regular services to nearby towns and villages. The local bus station is located in the town centre, making it easily accessible for residents.

In addition to buses, there is a train station located in the nearby town of Castle Cary, just a short drive away. The train station provides regular services to major cities like Bristol, Bath, and London, offering residents the option of travelling further afield.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Living in Street, Somerset provides excellent accessibility to nearby cities and towns. The town is located just a short distance from the A39, a major road that connects to cities like Bristol and Bath. This makes it easy for residents to commute to these cities for work or leisure activities.

In addition, the nearby town of Glastonbury is just a few miles away, offering residents a charming alternative for shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Average Commute Times

Living in Street, Somerset offers relatively short average commute times compared to larger cities. The town’s central location and excellent transport links mean that residents can enjoy a hassle-free commute. On average, commuting within the town takes around 10-15 minutes, while commuting to nearby cities like Bristol or Bath can take around 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Read on to find out more about the local amenities in Street, Somerset!

A. Shopping Centres and High Streets

Living in Street, Somerset offers a vibrant shopping scene with a variety of options. The Clarks Village is a popular shopping destination, featuring a range of high street stores, designer outlets, and independent boutiques. Here, you can find everything from fashion and accessories to home furnishings and electronics. The high street in Street is also bustling with a mix of shops, including local businesses, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

B. Parks and Recreational Areas

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Street has several parks and recreational areas to explore. The iconic Glastonbury Tor is just a short drive away, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Additionally, the nearby Ham Hill Country Park is perfect for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying nature.

C. Healthcare Facilities

Street is well-equipped with healthcare facilities to cater to the needs of its residents. The nearby Wells Community Hospital provides a range of medical services, including general practitioners, specialists, and diagnostic facilities. Additionally, there are several dental clinics and pharmacies in the area, ensuring easy access to healthcare services.

D. Educational Institutions

Street offers excellent educational opportunities for families with children. The local primary schools, such as Strode Church of England Primary School and Brookside Community Primary School, have a reputation for providing high-quality education. For older students, Strode College is a leading further education institution, offering a wide range of courses and qualifications.

Living in Street, Somerset provides access to a multitude of amenities and facilities, making it an ideal place to call home. To find out more about the leisure and entertainment options available in Street, continue reading our next section.

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Living in Street, Somerset offers a wide range of options for dining and socializing. Whether you’re looking for a traditional pub experience, a fine dining restaurant, or a cozy café, you’ll find it here. The town is home to several charming pubs where you can enjoy a pint of local ale and indulge in delicious pub grub. For those seeking more refined dining, there are also restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, from Italian to Indian, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the town boasts numerous cafes where you can grab a coffee and a slice of cake while catching up with friends or enjoying a good book.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Street is steeped in history and culture, making it an ideal place for those who enjoy exploring the past. The town is home to the internationally renowned Clark’s Village, a shopping outlet located in the historic setting of the C&J Clark shoe factory. Here, you can discover the fascinating history of the company and browse a wide range of discounted designer brands. Additionally, the town has a local museum where you can learn more about Street’s heritage and see artifacts from its past.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, Street offers a range of sports and fitness facilities. The town has a leisure centre with a swimming pool, gym, and various fitness classes, providing ample opportunities to stay fit and healthy. Additionally, there are several sports clubs in the area, catering to a variety of interests, such as football, rugby, and tennis. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to try something new, there’s something for everyone in Street.

Local Events and Festivals

Street is known for its vibrant community and lively events calendar. Throughout the year, the town hosts a range of events and festivals that bring the community together. From street fairs and food markets to music festivals and art exhibitions, there’s always something happening in Street to keep you entertained. These events provide a great opportunity to meet new people, support local businesses, and immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant atmosphere.

Living in Street, Somerset offers a wealth of leisure and entertainment options. From pubs and restaurants to cultural attractions and sports facilities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you want to learn more about the community in Street and what makes it such a great place to live, read on.

Community and Lifestyle in Street, Somerset

Demographics and Diversity

Living in Street, Somerset offers a diverse and vibrant community. With a population of over 11,000, Street is a bustling town that attracts people from various backgrounds and age groups. The town has a good mix of families, young professionals, and retirees, creating a balanced and inclusive atmosphere.

Safety and Crime Rates

When it comes to safety, Street, Somerset is considered a secure place to live. The crime rates in the area are relatively low, providing residents with peace of mind. The local police force is active in maintaining law and order, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Street offers a range of social clubs and networking opportunities, making it easy to connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re interested in sports, arts, or community service, there are numerous local clubs and organizations to join. These clubs not only provide a chance to pursue your interests but also offer a platform to meet new people and build friendships.

Living in Street, Somerset offers a fantastic sense of community and a wide range of social opportunities. From the diverse demographics to the low crime rates, this town provides a safe and welcoming environment for residents. In the next section, we will explore the pros and cons of living in Street, Somerset, so keep reading to discover more.

Advantages of Renting in Street, Somerset

Living in Street, Somerset offers several advantages for renters:

1. Affordable Housing

One of the biggest advantages of renting in Street is the affordable housing options available. Compared to larger cities like London or Bristol, rental prices in Street are generally lower, allowing tenants to save money or allocate their budget toward other expenses.

2. Community Atmosphere

Street has a close-knit community atmosphere, making it an ideal place for renters who value a sense of belonging and connection. The town offers various community events, clubs, and activities, providing ample opportunities to meet new people and build relationships.

3. Convenient Amenities

Despite its small size, Street boasts a range of convenient amenities. From supermarkets and retail outlets to healthcare facilities and educational institutions, residents have access to everything they need within a short distance, making daily life easier and more convenient.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While there are many advantages to living in Street, Somerset, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks as well:

1. Limited Job Opportunities

Street is a small town, and as such, it may have limited job opportunities compared to larger urban areas. Renters who rely on a diverse job market or specific industries may find it challenging to secure employment locally and may need to commute or consider remote work options.

2. Limited Entertainment Options

Although Street has a vibrant community, its entertainment options are comparatively limited. Those seeking a bustling nightlife scene, a wide variety of restaurants, or a vibrant cultural scene may find themselves wanting more options and may need to travel to nearby towns for a broader range of activities.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When comparing Street to other towns in the UK, it is essential to consider the unique characteristics and advantages it offers:

1. Affordability

Compared to larger cities and even some other towns, Street stands out for its affordability. Renters can enjoy the benefits of a smaller community while paying lower rental prices, allowing them to save money or enjoy a higher standard of living.

2. Community Spirit

The strong sense of community in Street is a distinguishing feature. While other towns may offer similar amenities, the close-knit atmosphere and friendly residents set Street apart, making it an attractive option for those seeking a supportive and welcoming environment.

Overall, living in Street, Somerset offers affordable housing, a vibrant community atmosphere, and convenient amenities. However, it may present challenges such as limited job opportunities and entertainment options. When compared to other towns in the UK, Street’s affordability and strong community spirit make it an appealing choice for many renters.


In conclusion, Street, Somerset is a charming town that offers a great quality of life for renters. With its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and convenient amenities, it’s no wonder that many people are choosing to make this town their home.

Recap of Key Points

Throughout this blog, we have explored the various aspects that make Street an attractive place to live. We have discussed the town’s history and cultural heritage, its natural beauty and outdoor activities, as well as its convenient amenities such as shopping centers, schools, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, we have highlighted the affordability of renting in Street compared to neighboring towns, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a great value for their money.

Personal Recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend Street, Somerset as a fantastic place to call home. Its blend of history, natural beauty, and modern conveniences make it a well-rounded and desirable location for renters. Whether you are a young professional, a family, or a retiree, Street offers something for everyone.

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Living in Street offers a unique lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience all that this charming town has to offer. Begin your journey with Right Rent and find your perfect rental property in Street, Somerset.

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