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Living in Workington, Cumbria

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 27th August 2023
  • 4:07pm
Living in Workington, Cumbria

Living in Workington, Cumbria: A Charming Town on the West Coast

Welcome to our blog about living in Workington, Cumbria! Nestled on the picturesque West Coast of England, this charming town offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant community spirit. Whether you are seeking a peaceful coastal retreat or a bustling town with plenty of amenities, Workington has something to offer for everyone.

A Brief Overview

Workington, located in the county of Cumbria, is the largest town on the West Coast of England. With a population of around 25,000 residents, it strikes the perfect balance between a close-knit community and access to urban conveniences. Situated at the mouth of the River Derwent, Workington boasts stunning coastal views and enjoys easy access to the Lake District National Park, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Historical and Cultural Background

Workington has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. Over the years, it has grown into a thriving industrial town, known for its iron and steel production. Today, remnants of this industrial heritage can still be seen in the town’s architecture and landmarks. Workington is also home to several cultural attractions, including the Carnegie Theatre and Arts Centre, which hosts a variety of performances and exhibitions throughout the year.

Popularity among Renters

Workington’s popularity among renters continues to grow, thanks to its affordable housing options and excellent quality of life. The town offers a range of rental properties, from modern apartments to traditional terraced houses, catering to different budgets and preferences. The proximity to the coast and the stunning surrounding countryside also make it an attractive destination for those seeking a tranquil place to call home.

In our upcoming blog posts, we will explore the various aspects of living in Workington in more detail, including the housing market, amenities, schools, and leisure activities. So, if you are considering making Workington your new home or simply curious about what this town has to offer, stay tuned for more insights and tips!

Types of properties available

Workington, Cumbria offers a variety of housing options to cater to different needs and preferences. The rental market in the area predominantly consists of flats and houses, with a range of sizes and styles to choose from.

Average rent prices

The average rent prices in Workington, Cumbria are affordable compared to other areas in the region. For a one-bedroom flat, you can expect to pay around £400-£500 per month. Two-bedroom flats typically range from £500-£600 per month, while three-bedroom houses can go for £600-£800 per month.

Popular neighbourhoods for renters

Workington boasts several attractive neighbourhoods for renters, each with its own unique charm. Harrington, located on the coast, offers stunning sea views and a peaceful atmosphere. Siddick, another popular area, provides easy access to local amenities and transport links. Other sought-after neighbourhoods include Salterbeck, Stainburn, and Seaton, all offering a mix of residential properties in a friendly community setting.

Living in Workington provides a range of housing options to suit various budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cosy flat or a spacious house, there is something for everyone. Keep reading to discover more about transportation and connectivity in Workington, Cumbria.

Transportation and Commuting in Workington, Cumbria

Public Transport Options

Living in Workington, Cumbria, provides residents with a range of public transport options. The town benefits from a well-connected network of trains and buses, making it easy to travel both locally and further afield. Workington Railway Station is located in the town centre, offering regular services to nearby cities and towns.

Buses are also a popular means of transportation in Workington, with several routes operating throughout the town and surrounding areas. The bus services are reliable and efficient, providing convenient connections for residents.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Workington enjoys excellent accessibility to nearby cities and towns. The town is situated on the A596, a major road that connects to the A66, providing easy access to Carlisle and Penrith. Additionally, the A595 allows for convenient travel to Whitehaven and other towns along the coast.

Average Commute Times

The average commute time in Workington is relatively short, allowing residents to easily travel to work or explore the surrounding areas. Commuting within the town is typically quick, with most destinations reachable within 15-20 minutes. When traveling to nearby cities like Carlisle or Whitehaven, the average commute time can range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions.

Living in Workington provides residents with a range of transportation options, ensuring easy access to nearby cities and towns. Whether you prefer public transport or driving, commuting in and around Workington is convenient and hassle-free. To discover more about local amenities in Workington, Cumbria, continue reading our blog.

Shopping Centres and High Streets

Workington offers a range of shopping options for residents, with a variety of shopping centres and high streets to choose from. The Washington Square Shopping Centre is a popular destination, housing a mix of well-known retail chains and independent stores. The high street also features a range of shops, including clothing stores, grocery stores, and specialty shops. Whether you’re looking for fashionable clothing, home goods, or everyday essentials, Workington’s shopping areas have you covered.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Living in Workington means having access to beautiful parks and recreational areas. Vulcan Park is a popular choice, offering picturesque walking trails and green spaces where residents can relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are also several smaller parks scattered throughout the town, perfect for picnics or leisurely strolls. For those who enjoy sports, there are several sports fields and facilities available for use.

Healthcare Facilities

Workington boasts a range of healthcare facilities to cater to residents’ needs. The West Cumberland Hospital is the main hospital in the area, providing a wide range of medical services. In addition to the hospital, there are several clinics, dental practices, and pharmacies located throughout the town, ensuring easy access to healthcare services for all residents.

Educational Institutions

When it comes to education, Workington has a number of options for families with children. There are several primary schools and secondary schools in the area, providing quality education for students of all ages. Additionally, there are further education institutions, such as colleges and vocational training centres, offering a variety of courses and qualifications for those looking to further their education or gain new skills.

Living in Workington provides residents with a wide range of local amenities and facilities to enhance their quality of life. From shopping centres and high streets to parks and recreational areas, there is something for everyone. With a range of healthcare facilities and educational institutions, residents can feel confident in their access to essential services. Read on to discover more about the leisure and entertainment options available in Workington, Cumbria.

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Living in Workington, Cumbria offers a wide range of options for dining and socializing. The town is home to several charming pubs, restaurants, and cafes that cater to various tastes and budgets.

For a traditional pub experience, head to The Black Lion Inn, where you can enjoy a pint of local ale and indulge in classic pub grub. If you’re in the mood for international cuisine, The Glass House offers a diverse menu of dishes inspired by flavours from around the world.

For a quick bite or a leisurely coffee, Workington has a variety of cafes to choose from. Whether you prefer a cosy atmosphere or a trendy spot, you’ll find something to suit your preferences. Cafe West is a popular choice, known for its delicious homemade cakes and friendly service.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Workington has a rich history and is home to several cultural and historical attractions worth exploring. The Helena Thompson Museum is a must-visit, showcasing the history and heritage of the town through its extensive collection of artefacts and exhibits.

Another notable attraction is the Workington Hall, a historic building dating back to the 14th century. Take a guided tour to learn about its fascinating past and admire the impressive architecture.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy when living in Workington. The town offers a range of sports and fitness facilities to cater to all interests and abilities. The Workington Leisure Centre boasts a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and a variety of fitness classes.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the nearby Lake District National Park provides endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities. With its stunning landscapes and picturesque trails, it’s the perfect escape for nature lovers.

Local Events and Festivals

Workington is a vibrant town that hosts a variety of local events and festivals throughout the year. From music festivals to food fairs, there’s always something happening to keep residents entertained.

One of the highlights is the Workington Festival, a celebration of local music, art, and culture. The festival attracts talented performers from the area and offers a great opportunity to discover local talent.

Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, sports enthusiast, or simply looking for some leisure and entertainment, living in Workington, Cumbria has something to offer everyone. Stay tuned to find out more about the community and lifestyle in Workington!

Community and Lifestyle in Workington, Cumbria

A. Demographics and Diversity

Workington, a charming town located in Cumbria, offers a diverse and welcoming community for its residents. With a population of approximately 25,000, the town is known for its friendly locals who embrace newcomers with open arms. Whether you’re a young professional, a family with children, or a retiree, Workington offers something for everyone.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

When it comes to safety, Workington boasts a relatively low crime rate, making it an ideal place to call home. The town is well-policed, ensuring the safety and security of its residents. Whether you’re walking the streets or enjoying the local parks, you can feel at ease knowing that the community is committed to maintaining a safe environment.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Workington provides numerous opportunities for residents to engage in social activities and expand their networks. The town is home to a variety of social clubs and organizations catering to different interests, such as sports, hobbies, and cultural activities. Whether you’re interested in joining a local sports team, attending community events, or participating in volunteer work, there are ample opportunities to make new friends and build connections within the community.

Living in Workington, Cumbria offers a vibrant community with diverse demographics, a safe environment, and ample social clubs and networking opportunities. To discover more about the pros and cons of living in this charming town, read on!

Advantages of Renting in Workington, Cumbria

Living in Workington, Cumbria has several advantages that make it an attractive place to rent a property.

1. Affordable Housing

One of the major advantages of living in Workington is the affordable housing options available. Compared to other towns in the UK, the cost of renting a property in Workington is relatively low. This makes it an ideal choice for those on a tight budget or looking to save money.

2. Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Workington is located in the picturesque county of Cumbria, known for its stunning natural landscapes. Renting a property in Workington allows residents to enjoy the nearby Lake District National Park, with its breathtaking mountains, lakes, and hiking trails. The town also benefits from its proximity to the coast, providing residents with access to beautiful beaches and coastal walks.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While there are many advantages to living in Workington, there are also some potential drawbacks and challenges to consider.

1. Limited Job Opportunities

Workington is a smaller town, and as such, it may have limited job opportunities compared to larger cities. This can make finding employment more challenging, particularly for those in specialized industries. However, with good transport links to nearby cities like Carlisle, commuting for work is a viable option.

2. Limited Cultural and Entertainment Options

Compared to larger towns and cities, Workington may have a more limited range of cultural and entertainment options. While there are local amenities such as shops, restaurants, and pubs, those seeking a vibrant nightlife or a wider variety of cultural activities may find themselves traveling to nearby cities.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When comparing Workington to other towns in the UK, it is important to consider the specific needs and preferences of individuals.


Workington stands out for its affordability, with lower rental prices compared to many other towns in the UK. This makes it an attractive option for those looking for affordable housing.

Natural Beauty

Workington’s location in Cumbria offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Lake District National Park and the nearby coast. This natural beauty sets it apart from many other towns in the UK.

Job Opportunities

While Workington may have limited job opportunities compared to larger cities, its proximity to Carlisle and other nearby towns provides potential employment options for those willing to commute.

In conclusion, living in Workington, Cumbria offers the advantages of affordable housing and beautiful natural surroundings. However, it may come with challenges such as limited job opportunities and cultural options. When comparing it to other towns in the UK, Workington stands out for its affordability and natural beauty.

Conclusion: Living in Workington – A Great Choice for Renters

Living in Workington, Cumbria offers a range of benefits for renters looking for an affordable and convenient location. This blog has highlighted some key points to consider when choosing Workington as your next home.

Recap of key points

Firstly, Workington offers a strong sense of community, with friendly locals and a range of amenities and services. The town is also conveniently located near stunning natural landscapes, including the Lake District National Park and the Cumbrian coastline, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Secondly, the cost of living in Workington is relatively affordable compared to larger cities, making it an attractive option for renters on a budget. The town offers a range of rental properties to suit different needs and preferences, from cosy apartments to spacious family homes.

Lastly, Workington has excellent transport links, including regular train and bus services, making it easy to travel to nearby towns and cities. The town also has a vibrant local economy, with a range of employment opportunities available.

Personal recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Workington, Cumbria as your next rental destination. With its strong sense of community, affordable cost of living, and convenient location, it offers a great quality of life for renters.

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So don’t hesitate, start your search today and discover the benefits of living in Workington, Cumbria!

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