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Renting in Applecross, Highlands And Islands

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 13th August 2023
  • 8:05am
Renting in Applecross, Highlands And Islands

Renting in Applecross, Highlands And Islands: A Guide to Finding Your Ideal Home

If you’re looking for a picturesque town in the Highlands And Islands region of Scotland to call home, Applecross should be at the top of your list. Nestled along the stunning Applecross Peninsula, this charming town offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a thriving community. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful and idyllic setting, Applecross has something for everyone.

A Brief Overview of Applecross

Applecross is a small coastal village located in the remote northwest of Scotland. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, including the majestic Torridon Mountains and the crystal-clear waters of the Inner Sound, Applecross offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its close-knit community and friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Applecross has become a sought-after destination for renters looking to immerse themselves in Scottish charm.

Historical and Cultural Background

With a history dating back thousands of years, Applecross is steeped in rich cultural heritage. The town is home to the iconic Applecross Abbey, founded in the 7th century by St. Maelrubha, which is a testament to its historical significance. Visitors and residents alike can explore the ruins of this ancient religious site and take a step back in time. Additionally, Applecross is renowned for its traditional Scottish music and Gaelic language, which are still celebrated and cherished by the local community.

Popularity Among Renters

Applecross’s popularity among renters has soared in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The town’s stunning natural surroundings, coupled with its close proximity to outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting, make it a dream location for outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, the sense of community and the warm welcome from the locals have made Applecross an attractive destination for those seeking a close-knit and friendly neighbourhood. Whether you’re looking for a cosy cottage, a modern apartment, or a spacious family home, Applecross offers a range of rental options to suit different tastes and budgets.

So, if you’re considering renting in Applecross, join us as we take a closer look at what this charming town has to offer. From exploring the local amenities to finding the perfect rental property, our guide will provide you with all the information you need to make Applecross your new home.

Types of Properties Available

Applecross offers a diverse range of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you are looking for a spacious house or a compact apartment, you will find it here. The available properties include flats, houses, cottages, and bungalows, catering to individuals, couples, and families alike.

Average Rent Prices

The rental prices in Applecross are reasonable compared to other areas in the Highlands and Islands region. The average rent for a one-bedroom flat starts at £500 per month, while a three-bedroom house can be rented for around £800 per month. These prices may vary depending on the location, size, and condition of the property.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

Applecross has several popular neighbourhoods that are sought after by renters. The village centre offers a charming and picturesque setting, with easy access to local amenities. For those seeking a quieter environment, the nearby coastal areas such as Camusterrach and Sand are popular choices. These areas provide stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere.


If you are considering renting in Applecross, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a flat or a house, the average rent prices are affordable, making it an attractive location for renters. Stay tuned to learn more about transportation and connectivity in Applecross, Highlands And Islands.

Transportation and Commuting in Renting in Applecross, Highlands And Islands

Public Transport Options

When it comes to public transport, Applecross offers several options for residents. Buses are the most convenient and widely used mode of transportation in the area. The local bus service connects Applecross with nearby towns and villages, making it easy for residents to travel within the region.

In addition to buses, there are also train services available in the nearby town of Inverness, which is just a short drive away. This provides residents with an alternative and faster way to travel to major cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Applecross is well-connected to nearby cities and towns, making it an ideal location for commuters. The town of Inverness is approximately 90 minutes away by car, providing access to a wide range of amenities and employment opportunities.

For those who prefer public transport, regular bus and train services connect Applecross with Inverness and other nearby cities. This ensures that residents have easy access to shopping centres, entertainment venues, and other facilities outside of the town.

Average Commute Times

The average commute time for residents of Applecross varies depending on the destination. For those commuting to nearby towns, the average commute time is around 30 minutes by car or bus. Commuting to larger cities like Inverness may take up to an hour, depending on traffic conditions.

However, it’s important to note that Applecross is known for its scenic beauty, so even longer commute times can be enjoyable as residents are treated to breathtaking landscapes along the way.

Overall, Applecross provides a range of public transport options, making commuting convenient for residents. The accessibility to nearby cities and towns ensures that residents have access to all the amenities they need. The average commute times are reasonable, considering the stunning surroundings. To find out more about the local amenities in Applecross, Highlands And Islands, read on.

Shopping Centres and High Streets

Applecross boasts a vibrant high street that offers a wide range of shopping options. The main high street is lined with independent boutiques, local shops, and charming cafes. Here, you can find everything from fashion and accessories to home goods and gifts. For larger shopping needs, there is a conveniently located shopping centre just a short drive away, offering a variety of popular retail stores and supermarkets.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Nature lovers will be delighted by the abundance of parks and recreational areas in Applecross. The area is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, and picturesque walking trails. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, or simply picnicking in the great outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with nature and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Healthcare Facilities

Applecross offers excellent healthcare facilities to ensure the well-being of its residents. The community has a modern hospital equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and staffed by highly trained professionals. In addition, there are several clinics and medical centres conveniently located throughout the area, providing a range of healthcare services to cater to different needs.

Educational Institutions

Parents seeking quality education for their children will find a range of educational institutions in Applecross. The area is home to well-regarded primary schools and secondary schools, providing a strong foundation for children’s education. For those pursuing higher education, there are also colleges and vocational training centres nearby, offering a variety of courses and programs to suit different interests and career paths.

Read on to discover the exciting leisure and entertainment options that Applecross, Highlands And Islands has to offer.

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Applecross offers a delightful array of pubs, restaurants, and cafes that will satisfy any foodie’s cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Scottish cuisine or international dishes, you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds in this charming village. From cosy pubs serving locally brewed craft beers to elegant waterfront restaurants offering fresh seafood, there’s a dining option for every occasion.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Applecross Heritage Centre

Step back in time and explore the rich history of Applecross at the Applecross Heritage Centre. Discover fascinating exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the village and its people through the ages.

Applecross House and Gardens

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Applecross House and Gardens, a stunning Georgian mansion surrounded by meticulously landscaped grounds. Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and admire the breathtaking views of the Highlands and Islands.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

If you’re looking for ways to stay active during your stay in Applecross, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. The village has a range of sports and fitness facilities, including a well-equipped gym, tennis courts, and scenic walking and cycling routes. Take advantage of the picturesque surroundings and enjoy outdoor activities that will keep you fit and energized.

Local Events and Festivals

Applecross is a vibrant community that loves to celebrate. Throughout the year, the village hosts various events and festivals that showcase the local culture and traditions. From music festivals to Highland games, there’s always something happening in Applecross to entertain and engage visitors of all ages.

Read on to find out more about the community in Applecross, Highlands And Islands.

Community and Lifestyle in Applecross, Highlands And Islands

A. Demographics and Diversity

Applecross, located in the Highlands And Islands region, is a vibrant community that offers a diverse range of residents. The population is a mix of families, professionals, and retirees, creating a balanced and welcoming atmosphere. With a range of housing options available, Applecross caters to people from all walks of life, ensuring a diverse and inclusive community.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

When it comes to safety, Applecross boasts low crime rates, making it an ideal place to live. The close-knit community ensures a strong sense of security, and residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their neighbourhood is safe and secure. Whether you are renting in Applecross as a single person or a family, safety is a top priority, and this area ticks all the boxes.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Applecross offers a range of social clubs and networking opportunities, allowing residents to connect with like-minded individuals and explore their interests. From sports clubs to art and culture societies, there is something for everyone. These clubs not only provide opportunities for socializing but also enable residents to build professional networks, making Applecross a dynamic and thriving community.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of living in Applecross, Highlands And Islands, and find out why this area is a top choice for renting in Scotland.

Advantages of Renting in Applecross, Highlands And Islands

Applecross, located in the beautiful Highlands and Islands of Scotland, offers several advantages for those looking to rent a property:

1. Stunning Natural Beauty

Applecross is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, including rugged mountains, pristine lochs, and stunning coastal vistas. Renting a property here allows residents to immerse themselves in the tranquility and natural beauty of the area.

2. Peaceful and Quiet Lifestyle

With a small population, Applecross offers a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. It is an ideal place for individuals or families seeking a close-knit community and a slower pace of life.

3. Outdoor Activities

The Highlands and Islands are known for their outdoor recreational opportunities. Residents of Applecross can enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, and wildlife spotting right on their doorstep.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While Applecross has its advantages, there are also potential drawbacks to consider:

1. Limited Amenities

Due to its remote location, Applecross has limited amenities compared to larger towns and cities. Residents may need to travel to nearby towns for shopping, healthcare, or entertainment options.

2. Limited Job Opportunities

Finding employment in Applecross can be challenging, especially for those seeking specific industries or career opportunities. Commuting to nearby towns may be necessary for work.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

When compared to other towns in the UK, Applecross offers a unique and distinctive living experience:

1. Unspoiled Natural Beauty

While many towns in the UK have their own charm, Applecross stands out with its unspoiled natural beauty and picturesque surroundings.

2. Close-Knit Community

Compared to larger towns or cities, Applecross offers a close-knit community where residents often know each other, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

3. Peace and Tranquility

Unlike bustling urban areas, Applecross provides a peaceful and tranquil environment that can be a welcome retreat from the stresses of city living.

Overall, renting in Applecross, Highlands and Islands, is a great choice for those seeking a serene lifestyle amidst stunning natural landscapes, although it’s important to consider the limited amenities and job opportunities in the area.


In conclusion, renting in Applecross, Highlands and Islands offers a unique and idyllic experience for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant community, Applecross is a desirable location for renters.

Recap of Key Points

We have explored the numerous benefits of renting in Applecross, including its stunning surroundings, outdoor activities, and close-knit community. The area boasts a range of amenities, including local shops, schools, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, Applecross offers a variety of rental properties to suit different preferences and budgets.

Personal Recommendation

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Applecross, Highlands and Islands as your next home. Whether you are a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, Applecross has something to offer everyone. You will be able to enjoy a high quality of life in a close-knit community while surrounded by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Explore Right Rent’s Property Listings

If you are ready to find your dream rental property in Applecross, Highlands and Islands, I recommend exploring Right Rent’s property listings. With a wide range of options available, you are sure to find a home that suits your needs and preferences. Start your search today and embark on an exciting new chapter in the picturesque Applecross.

Remember, renting in Applecross offers a unique opportunity to live in one of Scotland’s most beautiful locations. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the charm and tranquility of this remarkable area.

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