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Renting in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

  • Amelia Townsend
  • 22nd September 2023
  • 4:06pm
Renting in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Renting in Cambridge: A Guide to the Historic City in Cambridgeshire

Nestled in the heart of Cambridgeshire, the picturesque town of Cambridge is renowned for its rich history, world-class education, and stunning architecture. With its charming streets, vibrant cultural scene, and proximity to nature, Cambridge has become a sought-after destination for renters looking for a blend of urban convenience and small-town charm.

Historical and Cultural Background

Cambridge boasts a fascinating history that dates back over 800 years. It is most famous for being home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most esteemed academic institutions in the world. The university’s stunning colleges, such as King’s College and Trinity College, dominate the city’s skyline and are popular tourist attractions.

Beyond its academic reputation, Cambridge’s cultural scene is thriving. The town is brimming with museums, including the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, showcasing a diverse range of art and science exhibits. The Cambridge Corn Exchange hosts a variety of concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical performances throughout the year, catering to all tastes.

Popularity Among Renters

Cambridge’s unique blend of history, culture, and academic excellence has made it a highly desirable place to live, attracting a diverse range of renters. The city offers a wide range of rental options, including apartments, townhouses, and traditional Victorian terraces, catering to various budgets and lifestyles.

One of the key factors contributing to Cambridge’s popularity among renters is its excellent transportation links. The town has a well-connected network of buses and trains, making it easy to commute to nearby towns and cities. Additionally, the city’s extensive cycle paths and pedestrian-friendly streets make it ideal for those who prefer eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Furthermore, Cambridge’s vibrant community spirit, bustling markets, and abundance of green spaces, such as Parker’s Piece and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, provide renters with a high quality of life.

If you’re considering renting in Cambridge, this blog is your ultimate guide to navigating the rental market, understanding the local neighborhoods, and finding your perfect home in this beautiful town.

Types of Properties Available

When it comes to renting in Cambridge, there is a wide range of housing options available to suit every preference and budget. The most common types of properties include flats, apartments, houses, and student accommodation. Flats are a popular choice for young professionals and students, while houses are preferred by families and those seeking more space.

Average Rent Prices

The average rent prices in Cambridge can vary depending on the type of property and its location. As of 2021, the average rent for a one-bedroom flat is around £1,200 per month, while a two-bedroom flat can cost around £1,500 per month. For those looking for a house, the average rent for a three-bedroom property is approximately £2,000 per month.

Popular Neighbourhoods for Renters

Cambridge boasts several popular neighbourhoods that offer a great quality of life for renters. The city centre, with its vibrant atmosphere and close proximity to amenities, is a top choice for many. Other sought-after areas include Mill Road, known for its diverse community and independent shops, and Chesterton, which offers a suburban feel just a short distance from the city centre.

Other popular neighbourhoods include Cherry Hinton, Trumpington, and Newnham, each with its own unique charm and amenities. Whether you prefer a bustling urban environment or a quieter residential area, Cambridge has something to offer for everyone.

To find out more about transportation and connectivity in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, continue reading our next blog post.

Public Transport Options

When it comes to public transport, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire offers a range of options to make commuting a breeze. The city is well-connected with a reliable network of buses and trains.

Buses: The local bus service, operated by Stagecoach, provides extensive coverage across Cambridge and its surrounding areas. With regular routes and frequent stops, it is a convenient and affordable mode of transportation for residents.

Trains: Cambridge Railway Station is a major transport hub, offering regular services to London Kings Cross and Liverpool Street, as well as other major cities in the UK. The trains are comfortable and efficient, making it an ideal choice for commuters.

Accessibility to Nearby Cities and Towns

Living in Cambridge gives you easy access to nearby towns and cities, making it an ideal location for those who want to explore the surrounding areas.

With direct train connections, you can easily reach popular destinations such as London, Oxford, and Peterborough. Additionally, the well-connected road network allows for convenient travel by car to places like Ely, Newmarket, and Huntingdon.

Average Commute Times

The average commute time in Cambridge is relatively short compared to other cities. Many residents enjoy the benefit of living and working in close proximity, especially if they choose to rent a property in the city centre.

On average, commuting within Cambridge takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on the distance and mode of transport. The well-planned infrastructure and efficient public transport system contribute to these shorter travel times.

Overall, renting in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire provides excellent transportation options for residents, ensuring a smooth and convenient commute. If you’re interested in learning more about the local amenities in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, read on!

A. Shopping centres and high streets

Cambridge is known for its vibrant shopping scene, offering a mix of modern shopping centres and traditional high streets. The Grand Arcade is a popular shopping centre located in the heart of the city, featuring a wide range of high street brands, luxury boutiques, and restaurants. The Grafton Centre is another shopping destination, with a variety of shops, a food court, and a cinema.

For those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience, Cambridge’s high streets are filled with charming independent stores and boutiques. Mill Road and King’s Parade are particularly famous for their unique shops, selling everything from vintage clothing to artisanal crafts.

B. Parks and recreational areas

Cambridge offers a plethora of green spaces and parks for residents to enjoy. Jesus Green, located along the River Cam, is a popular spot for picnics, sports, and leisurely walks. Parker’s Piece, a historic park, is perfect for outdoor activities such as football and frisbee.

Midsummer Common is another beautiful park offering stunning views of the river. It is an ideal place for relaxation or a riverside stroll. Additionally, Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts, featuring a wide variety of plants and flowers.

C. Healthcare facilities

Cambridge boasts excellent healthcare facilities, ensuring residents have access to top-quality medical care. Addenbrooke’s Hospital is a renowned teaching hospital and one of the largest in the region. It offers a wide range of medical services, including specialist departments and emergency care.

In addition to the hospital, there are various clinics and health centres throughout the city, providing general healthcare and specialized treatments.

D. Educational institutions

Cambridge is world-famous for its prestigious educational institutions. The University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most esteemed universities in the world, is located in the city. It offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines.

Aside from the university, Cambridge is home to several excellent schools and colleges, providing quality education to students of all ages. These institutions contribute to the city’s vibrant academic and intellectual atmosphere.

Read on to discover more about the leisure and entertainment options available in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire!

Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes

Cambridge is home to a vibrant food and drink scene, offering a plethora of options for dining and socializing. From traditional pubs serving classic British fare to trendy cafes and fine dining establishments, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re craving a hearty Sunday roast, international cuisine, or a cup of artisanal coffee, you’ll find it all in Cambridge.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Cambridge is renowned for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The city boasts several world-famous attractions, including the iconic University of Cambridge, the Fitzwilliam Museum, and the stunning King’s College Chapel. Take a stroll along the picturesque River Cam, explore the charming cobbled streets, and immerse yourself in the city’s intellectual and artistic heritage.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, Cambridge offers a range of sports and fitness facilities. Whether you’re into cycling, rowing, or running, the city’s beautiful parks and riverside paths provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. Additionally, there are numerous gyms, swimming pools, and sports clubs catering to various interests and abilities.

Local Events and Festivals

Cambridge is a hub of cultural and community events throughout the year. From the renowned Cambridge Folk Festival to the Cambridge Science Festival, there is always something exciting happening in the city. Enjoy live music, theatre performances, art exhibitions, and more, as Cambridge comes alive with its vibrant calendar of events.

If you’re interested in renting in Cambridge, you’re in for a treat. In addition to its thriving leisure and entertainment scene, the city boasts a close-knit community with a diverse range of amenities and excellent transport links. Read on to discover more about the community in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Community and Lifestyle in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

A. Demographics and Diversity

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire is a diverse and vibrant city that attracts a wide range of residents from different backgrounds. With its prestigious university, Cambridge has a large student population, which adds to the city’s youthful energy and cultural diversity. Additionally, the city is home to professionals, academics, and families, creating a dynamic mix of residents.

B. Safety and Crime Rates

When it comes to safety, Cambridge is considered one of the safest cities in the UK. The crime rate is relatively low, providing residents with a sense of security and peace of mind. The city has a strong police presence, and the community actively participates in neighborhood watch schemes, ensuring a safe living environment for all.

C. Social Clubs and Networking Opportunities

Cambridge offers a wide range of social clubs and networking opportunities, catering to various interests and hobbies. Whether you’re interested in sports, arts, or professional networking, you’ll find numerous clubs and groups to join. The city’s vibrant social scene allows residents to connect with like-minded individuals and build long-lasting relationships.

From sports clubs and book clubs to professional networking events and cultural festivals, Cambridge provides ample opportunities to meet new people and engage in activities that align with your interests. The city’s community spirit is strong, making it easy to connect and form lasting friendships.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of living in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Advantages of Renting in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire offers several advantages for those looking to rent a property:

1. Prestigious Education and Employment Opportunities

Cambridge is renowned for its prestigious university, attracting top students and academics from around the world. Renting in Cambridge provides easy access to the university, as well as numerous job opportunities in the education and research sectors.

2. Cultural and Historical Significance

Cambridge is steeped in history and boasts stunning architecture, including the famous Cambridge University colleges. The city offers a vibrant cultural scene, with museums, art galleries, theatres, and a range of festivals throughout the year.

3. Excellent Transport Links

Cambridge has excellent transport links, making it easy to travel to other parts of the UK. The city has a well-connected train station, providing direct links to London and other major cities. Additionally, the region benefits from an extensive network of buses and cycle paths, making getting around convenient.

Potential Drawbacks or Challenges

While renting in Cambridge has its advantages, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

1. High Cost of Living

Cambridge is known for its high cost of living, including expensive rental prices. The demand for housing in the city often exceeds supply, leading to competitive rental markets and higher prices.

2. Limited Rental Options

Due to the city’s popularity, rental options can be limited, especially for those on a tight budget. It may require patience and persistence to find a suitable rental property in Cambridge.

Comparison with Other Towns in the UK

Compared to other towns in the UK, renting in Cambridge has both advantages and disadvantages:

1. Higher Cost but Better Opportunities

While renting in Cambridge may be more expensive than in some other towns, the city offers better education and employment opportunities. The prestigious university and thriving job market make it an attractive choice for professionals and students.

2. Rich History and Culture

Cambridge’s rich history and cultural offerings set it apart from many other towns in the UK. The city’s architecture, museums, and festivals provide a unique experience for residents.

3. Limited Rental Options Compared to Larger Cities

Compared to larger cities like London or Manchester, Cambridge may have limited rental options. However, it benefits from a more relaxed pace of life and a strong sense of community.


In conclusion, renting in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire offers a multitude of benefits for individuals and families alike. The city’s prestigious university, bustling city centre, and beautiful surroundings make it an attractive location for those seeking a vibrant and culturally rich lifestyle.

Throughout this blog, we have explored the key points that make Cambridge an excellent choice for renters. The city’s strong job market, excellent schools, and diverse range of amenities provide a high quality of life. Additionally, the availability of various types of properties ensures that renters can find a home that suits their needs and preferences.

As a renting expert, I highly recommend considering Cambridge, Cambridgeshire as your next rental destination. Whether you are a student, young professional, or family, the city offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences. From historical landmarks to modern entertainment venues, Cambridge has something for everyone.

If you are ready to start your rental search in Cambridge, I encourage you to explore Right Rent’s property listings. With our extensive selection of rental properties, you can find a home you’ll love in this vibrant and dynamic city. Start your search today and embark on an exciting new chapter in your life in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

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